Tuesday 30 December 2014

Puriso Handcrafted Theobroma Soap Review

Remember my last review post wherein I had mentioned that I got two luxurious soaps from Puriso. See how they looked like when they reached me...
I already shared my thoughts about Puriso Indian Healing Soap here and today's post is about the another handcrafted bathing bar that Puriso sent me i.e Puriso Handcrafted Theobroma Soap. 
The name of this Theobroma soap itself reminds me of chocolates. Chocolates are the UNIVERSAL gift most widely accepted by each n everyone with a smile without any discrimination of age, gender, place, occasion or time. Even the calorie-cautious people don't mind talking a bite secretly to satisfy their craving of chocolates and then feel guilty of their sinful act ;) ha ha ha ... Puriso has given a solution for all chocolate lovers who can't afford to stay away from chocolates by crafting Theobroma Soap :)
The packaging, price and quantity of almost all the soap bars have been kept uniformly similar by Puriso, and I talked at length about all that in my previous post. (So I won't be repeating everything once again in this post to bore you).

Infact the active ingredients are also in sync with other soap bars other than some essential oils, colors and fragrances. This particular soap bar contains Shea Butter other than Vegetable Oil, Soap Base, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E oil, Essential Oil, Permissible Color n Fragrance.

 The soap bar seems like a slice of chocolate cake served to me and smells deliciously sweet like hot caramel. The kids who run away from moms when its the time to take bath will now be readily standing at the door of washroom for chocolaty bath (like my son did) ;)

This soap bar is seriously a feast for the dehydrated skin coz Shea Butter has the properties to nourish skin with super-rich and creamy moisture. My dry skin got instant relief from the effect of harsh wind as I applied a body lotion on damp skin immediately after shower using this soap as it softens and lubricates the skin.
The delicate scent doesn't lingers on for longer, so the people who love stronger fragrances might need to spray themselves with a fragrance of their choice after bath, but this soap would get a THUMBS UP by those with smell-allergic noses (y)

 The soap doesn't dissolves very quick, so I am expecting one soap bar to last atleast one month or more. The awesome combination of Glycerine content plus Shea butter, Cocoa Butter makes this soap effective with healing properties also.

The crux is that the protective and conditioning qualities of Puriso Handcrafted Theobroma Soap make it an excellent choice for all skin types in every weather condition. Try it to believe it!!

*PR Sample

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  1. I love soaps with delicate scents as I am hyper-allergic to stronger fragrances.
    I also love the fact that this soap doesn't dissolves very quick. We can save a bit of money this way.
    All in all a fair unbiased review which makes me want to buy this !


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