Thursday 11 December 2014

Winners Announcement for Jewels of Alive n Kicking Giveaway

Hellllo Lovelies,

Here is the post that is most awaited by all the participants i.e. the RESULT DECLARATION. But If I announce the lucky names without thanking the enthusiastic fans, I will not feel satisfied ;) I had been observing every single activity regularly on my page as well as blog, though it was not the criteria to select the winners.

Some of my readers are too loyal to the page that without any selfish reasons, they are there to motivate me with the valuable presence. To name some of them Bhawna, Umme, Heer, Bhavani and Nishat really touched my heart ...but that doesn't mean I don't adore others. I love my fans like my family.

So moving towards the result, lets clap for the lucky winners ...
Winner 1: Gaganpreet gets to win the silver necklace.
Winner 2: Heer Jalundhwala wins the adjustable finger ring for herself.

Congratulations Ladies !! Do message me your complete postal details including PIN code and phone number by tomorrow midnight, failing which I would choose another winner.

Those who participated with loads of faith, please don't feel disappointed, coz another bigger and better giveaway has already been planned by next week. Don't forget to visit us regularly for latest updates..

Keep showering your love on me coz I love you too :)


  1. OMG is it me??? I had such such a horrible day today and so wish I had checked facebook earlier than this, But such a happy thing to end my day with. Winning a prize so awakes the child in me, the feeling we used to get as kids, on winning something. Thank you Shilpa! Thank you soooo much, I am very happy to see the way your blog is coming up and I do read most of your posts, sometimes just on the phone. I am not very active on Facebook, but yes I am one of your admirers and supporters. Keep writing and way to go girl! Wishing you loads of success.

    1. Yes you are the lucky gal !! Dear Gagan, you have also made me feel special in every possible way with these beautiful words that will work like fuel for writing :) Thnx for the wishes.

  2. Congratulations to both the lucky ladies :D Shilpa thank you so much for the consideration

    1. I am loving the spirit with which u r engaged on the page Umme :)
      keep reading !!


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