Saturday 6 December 2014

Intensify The Joy of Gifting At

Gifting someone a token of love is always so enjoyable bcz when we think of treating others is as much fun as treating ourselves :) I personally love surprising my loved ones with big or small gift 'WITHOUT' any special occasion, when they least expect it ;) And I swear I can read their emotions in their eyes at such moments. awww.. I wish I have reasons to make loads and loads of people to smile :)

For last many days, the random thoughts of finding some special gifts for Christmas and New Year were knocking my shut brain coz I have been damn busy at workplace. I could imagine that working late hours gonna put me in trouble to explore shops to purchase suitable gifts in such large number for my relatives, friends n colleagues and get them timely deliver to their places. 

The skepticism ended unexpectedly when I got the idea to shop online at the comfort of my home seeing a print advertisement in the newspaper. Few quick keywords in the search engine and I had a long list of Gifting Websites on my screen. Some were already familiar names and the others unseen, unexplored n novel. 

Among the newly seen sites, I opted for CherryTin, an online gift store that offers personalized gifts from a range of jewellery, home decor, stationery and gourmet gifts. 

CherryTin believes that gifts are a fantastic way of conveying the values and beliefs of a person. Their  products are meticulously chosen and beautifully packaged to ensure that the effortless style and uniqueness of each one is maintained.

The 'look n feel' of the site is really pleasant in soothing colors without much ado. Actually it gives a feeling of much professionally designed and very thoughtfully organized
website in the first glimpse itself. 

The site is presenting vast variety of gifts that have been categorized wisely under SHOP FOR  tab that expands itself as you just place your pointer on it ... You would notice Occasions like Birthday, Anniversary, New Baby, Get Well, House Warming, Thank You etc.  Then the Price ranges have been defined clearly that will help you pick something that suits for budget from less than 2K to over 10K. And the Gift Cards section is separately managed coz whatever gift we choose, a gift card must go along to express our hearty feelings in it  <3

CherryTin promises the gifts to be expertly curated and beautifully packaged. I found some unusual gifting options at CherryTin that might be overlooked at many popular gift stores viz. Invitation Gifts that will extend your gratitude to the guests when you are sending a tasteful gift along with an invite for a wedding or any other occasion :)

Nopes, this is not the concluding note.... here is something which actually made me fall in love with CherryTin ;) I'm talking about the facility to Personalize a gift that will absolutely reflect the person's taste to whom it is being gifted bcz each of the gifts is as unique as the person it is meant for.. You can get Cards, Notebooks, Bookmarks, Baby Books and Accessories monogrammed with receiver's name or initial to make them feel special  ;)

CherryTin offers flexible billing options including payment by credit card, cheque or bank transfer. Not only that, but the payments can be made in parts i.e part payment while ordering and balance at the time of order delivery. What an idea Sir ji ;)

I'm glad that I landed on the right place and all my worries of this year's UNIQUE gift ideas are already blown away ... I can positively recommend CherryTin for this season's personal or corporate gifting options coz their products suit any occasion whether you want to thank, appreciate or celebrate <3

Do experience the joy of gifting at CherryTin !!

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  1. Very helpful. I’m just starting out and it’s cool to know there are some people out there who dedicate time to giving such helpful tips.


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