Thursday 18 December 2014

Fondest Vacation Memories From The Eyes of A Kid

 I can't agree more with the quote that goes like --
'Families that take time to travel together will have stories to share for years to come.' 

The fondest memories of my golden childhood are of those trips with my family that we took during summer vacations every year. Every trip had felt so far away when we counted days to leave for a new location every time and then every trip used to come and go so quickly. Every moment of those trips was like living a dream that met every expectations I had :)

Even now as a parent, when I go for the family trips; its an opportunity to relive the juncture that gave me immense pleasure in my olden days :)
Vacations teach kids important life lessons while spending quality time with their family. There is no arguments that kids bond with their family everyday, but do we realize how passionately we all sit together and have relaxed hearty chat !! The parents burdened-up for meeting their professional deadlines and the kids caught up with their curricular activities hardly get to convey their feelings to each other in normal routine ...

On the other hand, when we luxuriate on a trip with kids, there’s a touch of magic because there’s nothing more special that the kids cherish than One-to-One time with relaxed parents bcz they rarely get to see elders unwinding completely :)

Ask any kids n they will tell you how they feel unbelievably grateful for the family trips bcz it taught them some amazing things that they never expected to discover. It won't be hyperbolic if I say that the learning that goes in a short vacation is much more lasting than that they got in one whole academic session while schooling.
A fun moment captured at Tungabhadra dam during our Hampi Trip

Being one of the influential decision makers of the family, I hope n ensure to see every trip to fruition for my child specially. Bcz this is when he actually comes out of his shell, learns to share, being empathic and responsible overall.

My child has a special fantasy to jot down cute n humorous anecdotes of our trips in his scrap book or even draw incidents that took place on a specific day and then embellish those with our lovely pics to show to his classmates, friends and teachers. Its nothing less than a treasure for the innocent soul that gives him a sense of belonging.

Just like I cherish reading my child's expressions in his Memory Book, I think you would also love to read what other cute kids have to say when it comes to 'Vacation'. Follow the link & enjoy the heartwarming stories of Club Mahindra's Teddy Travelogue 
 Walking away for today, I couldn't be more thankful for each trip that brought the family members together for a reason and got us feel the warmth of a closely-knit family.

 This post is written exclusively for HappyHour activity about #TravelWithKids organized by Indiblogger in association with Club Mahindra

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