Wednesday 10 December 2014

Fuschia Camellia Handmade Soap Review

No wonder if I'm posting one more soap review... coz my inclination towards natural soaps is increasing day by day... Its not that my fondness is newly developed, but the point is that I was aware of very few brands (like Soulflower India) selling handmade soaps since many months and have been ordering those for my family till now. Actually I din't even try to find some other brands to experiment with more handmade bath n body essentials. But now I feel myself much knowledgeable about the quality, ingredients, formulation process of natural soaps & so I love reviewing them fairly :)

The Fuschia team from VKare Bio Sciences Ltd. had been really humble to send me a pack of three of their handmade soaps from their Natural Cosmetic Collection few days ago and I've been testing them since then. 

Todays review is on Camellia Handmade Soap.
Camellia is also designated as 'tea flower'  and interestingly this soap is also infused with Green Tea extract, glycerin along with camellia oil and other essential aroma oils. The soap bar is neatly sealed in thin transparent plastic sheet and an outer cardboard packing in lovely green recycled paper. Each bar weighs approximately 100 gms and comes with a price tag of Rs 225. I am happy with the reasonable soap size coz those BIGGG bars are difficult to handle (or need to cut into pieces) and I feel bored somehow to use one soap bar for many days :)

Don't get confused to know the soap bar is in shiny green color and not in pinkish red as the camellia flower is. Coz the final color of the soap bar is an outcome of mixing various oils as well as green tea extract.

 My take on Fuschia Camellia Handmade Soap:
Before my first use, the Camellia soap on my palm smelt very dull (almost negligible) and lathered slightly when I rubbed it on my hands with water. But rubbing it only twice or thrice on a loofah generated enough creamy lather to cleanse the body. The light sweet fragrance though doesn't linger on for many hours. It vanishes very soon.

The soap is a bit softer than usual chemical based soaps due to the use of natural oils and its handmade nature. So I took special care to place it in a soap dish with holes or a wired rack in the washroom between uses to allow the soap to dry properly ( I want the soap to last longer).

 The skin feels actually fresh and well moisturized after the usage and clears up excessive oil from skin. Camellia's light herbal scent and vitamin E automatically blocks UV rays and helps skin maintain a healthy pH level. So I would suggest it to be used by those suffering from skin tanning. I'm firmly believing that the anti-oxidant & anti-fungal properties of green tea really work coz I noticed reduction in my body odor too.

  • Natural Ingredients including green tea n camellia flower extracts.
  • Looks as shiny as Green Traffic Light ;)
  • No harmful chemicals and artificial scents used.
  • Causes no tight feeling or itching on skin.
  • Can treat minor insect bites n sun burns etc.
  • Decent Size.

No reason to dislike the soap (provided the packaging is improvised with detailed list of ingredients on it)

Final Words:
The extremely moisturizing Fuschia Camellia Handmade Soap is the easiest way to enjoy the skin beautifying n skin nourishing properties of Green Tea and Camellia in routine bath rituals. The soap is advisable to people of all skin types, but it will provide calming effect especially for dry and irritated skin.


  1. I wish Fuschia had send me this one..! Looks good for dry skin

  2. woot tea in a soap...i would love it :)


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