Friday 5 December 2014

Fuschia Strawberry Passion Handmade Soap Review

              Soaps made with finest ingredients handpicked from nature are nothing less than a delightful possession for me. I actually treasure the array of handmade soaps that I own and proudly claim myself to be 'really considerate for my skin' :) Whenever I get to use a newly owned natural soap, I take sheer pleasure in sharing my views with you all.

             Today, I am reviewing  Strawberry Passion Handmade Soap by Fuschia. 

Fuschia Strawberry Passion soap comes packed in thin cling-film kind of plastic sheet finely sealed around the soap bar. There is lovely printed handmade sheet that holds the soap cake in it. Even without opening the soap packing, I could smell nice sweet fragrance of this gorgeous dark pink soap.

Price n Qty: 
The Fuschia Strawberry Passion Handmade Soap of net 100 gms is available at a price of Rs. 225. 

Nothing as such mentioned on the packing regarding what has been used as core ingredients while making this soap. But the brand claims the presence of natural ingredients, fragrances and essential aroma oils in all their soaps.

My Experience with Fuschia Strawberry Passion Handmade Soap:
The Strawberry Passion is glycerin based soap and I like its translucence look. The darker pinkish shades gets lighter with frequent usage. It lathers sensibly ok as I expected, but is soft n creamy on skin. There is no overly-soapy feeling that itches on skin. After rinsing off the lather, it wasn't that dry feeling but I cannot survive without moisturizing generously, so coated my skin with a layer of my fav body lotion.

natural ingredients, fragrance and essential aroma oils. - See more at:
  • 100% vegetarian.
  • Smells great.
  • Anti-oxidant 
  • Chemical-free alternative to all conventional soaps.
  • Uses Glycerin as its natural humectant (moisturizer). 
  • Possesses healing and curative properties for skin diseases.
  • No artificial hardeners.
ontains anti-oxidants.
natural ingredients, fragrance and essential aroma oils. - See more at:
  • Ingredients missing from the pack (but, the brand has taken a note of this and has promised to add up the details in next product lot) :)
  • Pricey. ( Wish some deals or discounts are offered on purchase of single bar also)
  •  Shelf Life has not been mentioned either on the soap bar or in the description given on the official website. 
  • I could not relate the fragrance to the real strawberry smell exactly. (It might be due to mixing of other ingredients while making the soap which I'm not sure of)
    Final Words: 
    I feel this mild soap can do miraculous job on acne prone skin. The gentle cleansing can leave your skin soft n soothing. It doesn't causes any allergies or irritations. I'm making no false claims here, but those in love with strawberries can buy it to satisfy their skin's craving :)


  1. I so love everything in pink and strawberry fragrance is my favourite..! Agree that they should give some discount on individual bars too. Price is a bit high as compared to other handmade soaps.


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