Thursday 25 December 2014

Letter to Santa this Christmas

Dear Santa,

Let me begin with a note of THANKS for your kind blessings n merriment that u showered on me throughout the last year and never let it fade out.
This year also I hope u would listen to my prayers that come packed with my honest wishes in the form of this self-composed poem ….

Blessed are these days, when we hear your bells tinkling.
Kids excitedly waiting for u, with their bright eyes twinkling.
You give not only wonderful gifts to us, but a message to whole-heartedly share.
Indeed, I admire all your true love n efforts, That shows how much you care.
This Christmas, here’s what I wish to be granted,
Just a seed of compassion in my heart to be planted.
Give me the 'willingness' to support the people so needy,
For their sincere blessings only, I find myself greedy.
Give me the 'courage' to believe in ‘All Good and No Sin’,
coz imbibing these virtues in life will certainly let me win.
May these gifts of Christmas add joy to my senses.
I long for blissful life and no boastful fancies….
I’m gazing at the starry sky n expecting that u wud land at my place :)

Your Loving Child.

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