Sunday 21 December 2014

Premarital Sex - Bad or Not So Bad

Ms. Poonam Uppal recently got her book A Passionaate Gospel of True Love : A Mystical True Love Story released (available for order on Flipkart here)and offered an opportunity to explore a wide range of opinions on the burning question to discuss "Premarital Sex - Yes or No".

Oh, don't take me wrong that I'm indulging everyone in a taboo subject openly. Infact, this is a real life question that is discussed behind the closed doors among majority of teens (or even adults) these days who may or may not be in its favour. But my intentions are to bring my personal beliefs on surface (whether anybody seconds me or not).

Many a times close friends, colleagues or mere strangers involve themselves physically to experience thrill, lust or just for the matter of timely satisfaction. There are occasions when these recurring relationships are advocated with the statements like "my partner is in deep love with me for 'n' number of years and we see ourselves together for lifetime, so how does it matter to have intercourse before or after marriage if we trust each other?"  

Sexuality goes hand in hand with emotions, and I'm sure getting married can never guarantee a stronger emotional bonding with our partner... but the practices like dating & live-in relationships have sadly pushed the virtue of  Chastity go out of fashion :( 

Most teens justify physical intimacy as an easy way to relate to each other; but trust, loyalty and purity occupy a secondary or inferior position as an outcome. 

I won't confer about the possibilities what can really go wrong to the BODY of a person actively participating in premarital sex, but just will be compartmentalize my so called "conservative" thinking that defy physical adjacency of unmarried couples with cent-percent conviction.

Sex is not just a matter of casual recreation when we have uncountable choices for pleasure. The people vouching for premarital sex have their own philosophy to defend their view point until they are unmarried and suddenly they start expressing their "altogether different" viewpoint on the same topic just because they expect a VIRGIN spouse for themselves. How idiotic dual-standards they possess :/

Another alarming aspect is how many of such people honestly share their past history with their fiancĂ©/fiancee and take it large-heartedly as they claimed while being entertained in their "romantic relationship". The most likely scenario is to see people move through number of sexual relationships seeking lasting satisfaction. No end of lust & no guilt of heart-breaking relationships -- is this what broadmindedness asks for?? 

I'm standing up for no support to any religious constraints on the issue, but for my conscience. Sex is the way for individuals to bind themselves in a total relationship that ultimately turns two people become a single loving unit for the rest of their lives. The inner contentment of not cohabiting is something that I feel proud upon, and I won't try being diplomatic at all to support pre-marital sex because being "one-flesh" with my legally n socially acceptable partner is my ONLY SUPREME choice forever.
Though its a matter of individual choice, the image above expresses my fair opinion to this debate exactly..


  1. I agree lady. Pre marital sex is a killer..we need to start talking about this. Too much open mindedness can lead to brain falling out !


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