Monday 8 December 2014

A Chapter of Comprehensive Learning

Teaching, in my views, is a dynamic experience...I mean when we formally teach the students we are the givers of knowledge; but even when we are not even opening the text books, still the process of sharing knowledge is always on.

Teaching is taken in a new perspective in present times. We, the teachers, are expected to eliminate the traditional methodology of rote-learning and present facts to the students that can be retained for longer time span.

I personally see this scenario as a beneficial approach from a teacher's aspect. Because when a teacher  swaps his/her position with a pupil, there is a possibility of 'LEARNING' valuable lessons from younger generation.

Last weekend, I had been involved with the annual show themed as 'Incredible India: Carnival 2014' at St.Soldier, Mohali and here are some memorable moments of the day that left me mesmerized by the talent that was exhibited by my enthusiastic students ...
During the show, India - the abode of cultural confluence, the cradle of human race, the grandmother of legacy and the great grandmother of tradition was deftly showcased in a vibrant manner.

The Indian cultural history had carved a niche of its own. The students from senior school mesmerized one and all by putting up a fabulous exhibition that depicted the myriad hues of five zones of the motherland viz. North, East, South, West and Central.
The unique cultural diversity and vibrancy of India was beautifully presented through folk dances from various zones beautifully choreographed by the popular 'Dance Pe Chance' Academy from the region. From Punjab’s Luddi, Kashmir’s Bhumbroo , Rajasthani’s Kalbelia and Ghumar , Maharashtra’s Lavni to Gujarat’s Dandia, South India’s Kathakali and Bharatnatyam; each and every performance entertained the audience.

The highlight of the show was the Puppetry Show-‘Namak Ki Keemat’. Soulful rendition of folk songs of different areas, models of ancient architectural specimens and monuments made by the students stood testimony to the rich legacy and varied culture heritage of India.
The traditional food and cuisines of different zones tickled the taste buds of every connoisseur and satiated the palate of gourmets with mouth watering catteries and delicacies. The mega event ended with the grand finale ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’ conveying the message of unity in diversity.

By the end of the day, every bone of my body was aching since we all had toiled for almost 3 weeks for this show, but the grand success of the show plus the contentment of getting to know the trivia of my own nation was the reward of every minute spent there.

It feels privileged to be a part of such fulfilling experiences !! So how you feel about this post :)

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