Saturday 27 December 2014

Don't Depart From The Truth

Each one of us must have been hearing tales of good old times from parents or grand parents that stressed on practicing Truth in life. But none of us has ever lived our lives without inventing stories to save ourselves from troubles. You may predict a casual, impetuous, n reckless reply "Uff, don't expect us to behave like those profoundly wise sages in these modern times. The world around is not same as it used to be centuries ago. Moreover, its better to tell a lie that can make someone smile instead of speaking the truth that hurts."
I am not different from the rest and confess here that I also fabricated the facts once, when found that it may cause me great loss... the loss of love...  I was in the midst of the process of convincing my dad to allow me for intercaste matrimony. I had worst of apprehensions in my heart about what could be the possible hurdles in the prospective alliance. The guy who had just started to work didn't earn a heavy pay packet to flaunt and impress my dad and I had heard over and over that the issues arising from financial inequality are simply poisonous in such situations. I cannot tell you how much I wanted him in my life, so exaggerated about position n earnings of my beloved (read hubby now) to dad. Dad didn't even think of inquiring about the fact trust my words completely. For next few days, I was overjoyed of my smart move. But every time I looked at dad's face, I felt guilty of ditching the most special person of my life...My perspective changed with some new thoughts on the matter. I softly apologized to dad unwrapping the hidden reality.

 After a minutes silence, dad kissed on my forehead and told me just one thing "the truth may hurt someone for a moment but the pain we experience from a lie can last lifelong... And I'm happy with this little botheration that will comfort me forever that you didn't break my faith on you" :) I suddenly felt very happy that something unpleasant has not happened or has ended before it could spoil a priceless relationship. Dad made me realized that positive always outweighs negative and there is no alternate to TRUTH. I was too grateful to dad for teaching me a lesson. We heaved a sigh of relief saying "Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein" :)

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  1. Money is definitely a big factor in indian marriages.... I'm so happy you ruffianly told the truth to your sweet dad....."The truth sets us free"


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