Monday 29 December 2014

No Silk On His Face

'TDH' had been the most frequently used cryptic code that me and my girly gang used to whisper as we see a chic fellow in college ;) Our interpretation of TDH was an attractive TALL, DARK, HANDSOME boys who used to rule over the hearts of girls and be the secret 'turn ons' for most females over there. Even few of the girls had the guts to put their lips together & whistle at those smarty stuff  singing loudly 'Chikni Surat Tu Kahan Tha Ab Talak Ye Bataa" and we used to have frequent good hearty laughter at purely delightful incidents :D Then came that geeky personality (sorry, can't name him here) with facial stubble and dark suspicious eyes to our class of under-graduates in the Final Year due to some migration issues.. The tough looking guy in his unshaven face and unkempt hair desperately needed a smooth shave. But somehow this was the most neglected aspect of his personality... Basking in the sun on a sunny winter day in our bunked period in the college, my friend had titled him 'Scarecrow' for his 'not-so-sassy' appearance ;) Other than these masti moments in our class n college, there were definitely serious curricular & co-curricular moments too... and there our Scarecrow proved his mettle. He had amazing ability to cope well with any demanding situation for which we usually needed time for makeup our mind & gather courage. Be it a Subject GD session, Stage Performance, Art or Drama; he mastered every skill with no scope of disapproval. Despite complaining about his unshaven & rough to touch face, all of the classmates including professors were spontaneously flattered to have him listen when he spoke in his commanding accent. Most of the classmates never tried to gel-well with the him and so he spent most of his time in his own type of research on varied assignments within college premises. On the day of bidding adieu to fond collegemates, the manly fellow showed his emotional side in his goodbye message "I don't spend too much time on my appearance, but a toned and muscly guy can be soft and cuddly too if someone tries to look beyond his stubble face. You could have earned a real loyal friend for lifetime if ever tried understanding me rather than fussing over how I looked like. but....." , his voice cracked as we all realized the lump in his throat didn't allow him to continue when he was overcame with emotions. That day changed my entire perspective towards assessing a person's worth which actually never relies on his smooth silky appearance.

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  3. Ah ! College Crushes <3
    We never forget those handsome hunks from when we were teens
    I too had one Parsi crush but unfortunately things never materialised :(

  4. felt nice reading this :)


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