Thursday 20 August 2015

IHA Biospume Shampoo With Natural Conditioning : Product Review

Hi Everyone,

How frequently you need to shampoo your hair this humid season?? I so feel to wash my hair everyday, and end up shampooing thrice a week atleast. But every time I use a shampoo, I am worried how good or bad can be the effects of chemicals on my hair. But my worries ended as I got to use an ayurvedic shampoo from my fav brand IHA.

Product Details:
IHA Biospume Shampoo is a perfect natural recipe for harmless care & shine for all hair types.
• Nourishes & Promotes growth of healthy & luxuriant hair.
• Leaves Hair soft & shiny with more volume & bounce.
• It is an effective defense against dandruff & hair fall.
Each ml. contains natural extracts of Henna Leaf (Lawsonia inermis) 50 mg., Reetha Fruit (Sapindus Emarginatus) 50 mg., Shikakai Pods (Acacia Concinna) 50 mg., Jatamansi (Nardostachys Jatamansi) 45 mg., Japakusum Flower (Hibiscus Rosa-sincensis) 50 mg. and base q.s.
The product comes in a dark orange color flat plastic bottle. The tight cap of the bottle makes it leak proof and quite convenient to take it along while travelling
Price: Rs 120 for 150 ml 
           Rs 200 for 300 ml
           Rs 300 for 500 ml
My take on the product:
There were days when I used to related the term 'shampoo' with a combination of Neem, Shikhakai, Amla, Reetha only. These ancient herbs have been known for their positive effects on hair and scalp since ages. But who has got the time today to get them remedy prepared manually. So when I came across the IHA Biospume Shampoo that uses this excellent composition. I could not resist using it.

The shampoo is in light yellow color. The texture is quite creamy and thicker. It has soothing fragrance that makes your scalp fresh for hours. But the fragrance doesn't last for days. The shampoo lathers very nicely, so you would need to use not much quantity per usage. But since I apply it on oily hair and scalp, so it takes a bit extra to generate sufficient lather for me. My hair feel soft to touch and shiny to see. There is no itching ot dryness felt on scalp post usage. 
Since the shampoo is rich in many ayurvedic ingredients, it actually aims at controlling dandruff and hair fall. The heena as an active ingredients conditions the hair naturally, so I decided to skip using conditioner after shampooing. There is noticeable improvement in oil control over the scalp for decent 3-4 days.
Regular usage of Biospume ensures bouncy, voluminous hair with a promise of strengthening the roots.

Quite economical.
Soothing fragrance.
Travel friendly packaging.
Controls dandruff.
Remove every hint of pollutants from hair.
Adds volume to hair.
Performs Natural conditioning.
Enriched with ancient herbs sited to all hair types.


Final words:
IHA Biospume shampoo is an easy to use alternative to your grandma's remedy to cleanse hair and scalp with heean, shikakai, reetha, amla etc. You would love how your hair behave after using this shampoo :) Strongly recommended !!


  1. Seems a good shampoo...what about very dry and frizzy hairs?

    1. In case of dry hair, a layer of leave in conditioner or serum can provide some moisture, thereby controlling frizz to certain extent.


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