Thursday 20 August 2015

Fastest Net Surfing With Airtel 4G

Instant communication is the best gift that Internet has given to us. Downloading favourite music, exchanging pics over social media, sending n receiving work emails, subscribing to digital newspaper, updating your knowledge via interesting App installations ...there are endless reasons for a common man to be loyal to this magic wand called internet.
Internet has indeed simplified the complexities of life to certain extent, but the hurdle of low bandwidth actually kills the spirit :( Many a times, I have to delay my important assignments just because the internet speed doesn't support. How frustrating !! 

Now that Airtel has launched its 4G services and has claimed to be the fastest ever network till date, I am all the way excited to experience zero buffering time while enjoying surfing at blazing speed. 
Airtel gifts its existing or new customers the benefits of #Airtel4G at a price of 3G pack itself. Not only that you may upgrade your present service pack to 4G, but can also get a 4G SIM home delivered free of cost. And it is as easy as breathing... You just need to tweet away #GetAirtel4G to @airtelindia and sit back waiting for that awesome speed mantra in your hand.

Wow, what a new era of internet has arrived. With access to Airtel4G, I would be performing each of my big or small task cutting short the time and effort invested in it. I will be mainly relieved from the hassle that I face when live streaming of videos is to be watched during some blogging collaborations and I am the last person to respond uselessly waiting for a quicker response from my network connection. I can already claim such miserable situation is gonna be history very soon. :)

Then comes the next issue to be handled very importantly. At my work place, there have been workshops and training sessions quite frequently which requires me downloading suitable software beforehand being the co-ordinator there. And starts the trouble, when it takes whole night to download and propagate those programs to colleagues. I am much hopeful that my upcoming training session would bring about a positive change in my performance as Airtel 4G stands by my side.

Last but not the least, I can't miss mentioning the importance of infotainment in my life. Life is unimaginable without updated info. One needs to be responsive to every possible topic of healthy discussion all the time. I like reading and researching about everything that interests me. I need to have that comforting sound echoing in my heart when I struggle for a stress buster musical sound near me. I am in a practice of engaging myself in financial transactions to save my precious time. I would no longer be dependent on the mercy of useless excuses by ISPs for not proving quality service, coz Airtel 4G has given new wings to my approach to Internet.
Feeling impressed with the promises made! then don't miss watching this Airtel 4G launch video :)


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