Tuesday 4 August 2015

Aroma Essentials Goatmilk Soap Review


You know how much I love organic soaps...In past months, I have used and reviewed many of them from different brands. Each of such soap bars is so perfectly made that I feel there is definitely one designed to suit every skin type to tackle all skin issues. One such soap that I had been wanting to review for past few days is a cute one i.e. Goatmilk Soap from Aroma Essentials. I believe you are quite familiar with this name on my blog now as I already reviewed their Leave On Serum and D Tan scrub earlier.

I wanted to review this soap a week ago, but then delayed it intentionally to assess its effect on my skin more closely in another few days.

My Experience:
Goatmilk Soap from Aroma Essentials is crafted with only a handful of natural ingredients i.e. Glycerine, Goatmilk n Olive Oil. Its been for the first time that I am using a product that is blending soothing and hydrating goatmilk in its formulation. 

The soap comes sealed in a transparent sheet and the first thing you would notice in the soap bar is its eye-catching yellow color with white chunks embedded inside. The other side of the soap doesn't show up the chunks and looks translucent as made of thick gel. 
The soap is lightly scented similar to fresh lemons and is destined to freshen up your dead tired senses instantly. Before I could use the soap, I was wondering whether it would retain its shape after getting wet everyday since it looked so soft and creamy in my hand. But now I have been using it for almost ten days and the soap has not lost its shape. 
Talking about its effect on my skin...I had high hopes with this soap because it is made of ingredients I can trust. The glycerine and olive oil are the best hydrating constituents that are easily absorbed to help meet the skin's moisture needs, specially when one has dry skin like mine. 
The soap produces decent lather with pale yellow hint in it and cleanses the top layer of the skin with its pure ingredients. It easily rinses off and nourishes the skin instead of irritating and drying it out. I am sure it is safe to use this exceptionally mild soap for sensitive skin also. 
To sum up, I would say that the Aroma Essentials Goatmilk Soap is a treat to your body's largest organ i.e. skin. Because goatmilk is full of those vitamins and minerals your skin craves, so adding this soap in your daily bath routine can relieve your skin from being stripped off the oils it requires and can give you clean, soft skin with no extra effort :)

Price: Rs 200 each soap bar of 80 gms apprx.
Where To buy: Buy at Aroma Essentials or call 9886497272 to order.


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