Sunday 23 August 2015

Todzzle: A Roly-Poly Fridge Game for Toddlers

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Being a busy working mom, I am always looking for ways to keep my toddler occupied with something creative when I am at home after work. There are basic household chores to be performed while I want to attend to my baby's needs & observe his cute activities too. Usually when I'm working in kitchen, a constant thought keeps running in my mind what he is up to as soon as I turn my sight away from him. I am sure every toddler needs closer supervision of his mom/dad all the time...However, realizing this dire need of parents to keep their toddlers engaged, Madrat Games has recently launched an interesting game Todzzle for children aged 2-4 years. 

Toddlers are a curious lot, wanting to learn new things. This is the age at which they learn their first words. Todzzle provides an exciting platform for kids to learn these words and make correlations between various things around them. 
Todzzle puzzles have been created around 4 different themes namely 
Flowers & Bugs
Cars & Planes and 
2 Nature themes in 1 game - Fruits & Veggies and Horses & Hippos;
each of which sound equally favourite exciting and attractive for kids.

I received the Flowers & Bugs themed puzzle for my junior which comes in a colorful cylindrical packaging. 
What does the Todzzle contain?
The puzzle pack is very safely organizing the contents inside separating them in compartments which keeps them all safe from all kind of wear n tear. The contents in Flowers & Bugs Todzzle are:

13 Magnetic Pieces 

The Mommy Tracker 

Double Sided Magnetic Scroll 

Story Book 

How do we play with Todzzle?
The game is designed to help mother and child bond over play when mommy is busy with cooking or any other household. I put the colorful magnetic scroll on the fridge using magnetic surfaces on both sides at a convenient height where it is easily accessible to my little boy and then he tries to match and fix the magnetic objects where their shapes are drawn. 

The scroll is reversible and prints different Day and Night scenes on either side. I loved the innovation by Madrat that the NIGHT scene print glows in the dark. My baby feels so happy to see and touch the glowing moon and the stars so close in his reach :)

Introducing the game to my little one included myself reading out a story to him from "Read Me" story book while sticking the scroll on the fridge and asking my boy to help the magnetic characters enact their roles by placing them on the mat. At the same time, I ask him to find extra objects not covered in the story, but seen on the puzzle using "Find Me" section. Now the unique 'mommy tracker' is an assessment of child's understanding. I use "Tell Mesection to ask easy-peasy questions from my child on topics such as colour, shape, size, number, alphabets, body parts etc.

Playing this knowledgeable game with my boy not only makes him happy, but gives him a sense of pride when he answers my question correctly ;) Only after a few days play, the intelligent boy has started devising smarter questions to ask me. I feel overjoyed that the game is NOT meant for killing time like making toddlers sit in front of television, but is giving him right kind of exposure to his small world around. 

Most importantly, even letting my child play independently with todzzle helps me handle my primary concern to fix an eye on him at all times. 
I am planning to extend the game by trying it different ways like playing it as Color Matching game, Shape Sorter game, See n Draw game etc.

Let me not leave without a mention of that pack of Magic Beans which Madrat ensures in every pack of their puzzles. They ensure to compensate the environment for using a lot of paper in making of this puzzle, so provide a li'l pouch of different seeds to plant some trees to replenish the planet. In our pack of Todzzle, we got mustard seeds that have already been sent to their right place for germination :)
Now, if you are curious of how much does this game cost? It has been priced really economical at INR 450.  
As of now, this game is in its pre-launch stage and is not available for purchase. But the Todzzle will be available on Flipkart and Amazon very soon.

Todzzle is an informative playmate for a young learner. It makes an ideal age-appropriate game for children whose mommies want to give a calmer, happier and wiser childhood to them.

P.S. Daddy can also keep their kids occupied with this game when mommy is out ;)

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