Saturday 29 August 2015

Anherb Hair Vitalizer Review

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There have been some requests from my readers to recommend any hair care product that works on hair fall and dandruff issue which is more common in people of all ages and all genders. So today I'm reviewing a herbal hair vitalizer from Anherb Herbals that is designed for strengthening your hair with a unique blend of six herbs and provide hair & scalp nourishment to your dull n weak hair.

Product Description: 
Anherb Hair Vitalizer is a 100% natural hair & scalp massage oil with a combination of 6 powerful herbs. These herbs, together with sesame oil nourish scalp, strengthens hair. Enriched with various herbal extracts, it controls dandruff & the problem of hair fall. Thus makes your hair stronger, shiny, silky & healthy. 

Ingredients: Neem / Margosa: Anti-microbial property. Controls Dandruff.
Amla / Indian Gooseberry: Control Hair Fall.
Shikakai / Saptalaa: Specific anti - dandruff action strengthen hair roots.
Jatamansi / Muskroot: Long, Strong, Smooth and Silky Hair.
Bharingraj / Eclipta alba: Improves Hair Growth and helps hair darkening.
Mehandi / Henna: Promotes hair growth, improves conditioning and adds volume.
Qty: 100ml
Price: Rs. 185.00
Shelf Life: 3 yrs

How to use: 
Apply it on the scalp, massage gently. Leave it for 1 -2 hours or for better results leave it overnight. Apply thrice a week.
My Experience with the product:
Anherb Hair Vitalizer is basically a hair and scalp massage serum. I specially picked this product because it is oil based and using it to massage my scalp would have given me twin benefit of routine head massage as well as extra nourishment of herbs infused in it. 
Beginning with its packaging, its a comfortable spray dispenser containing the product. You don't need to wrestle the packaging to ooze out the serum. The transparent dispenser lets you see the left over quantity any moment. The top cap on the spray head is a real good fit. 
The vitalizer serum itself is a colorless liquid with slight golden shine to it. The herbs that have gone into its infusion effective work on any dreadful condition of your hair. I have been applying it for quite some time now. My frequency to use it is not fixed as such, but I try to massage my hair at least twice a week with this vitalizer. I divide my hair into sections, spray the vitalizer and leave it on my hair overnight after a gentle massage with my finger tips. I wash my hair next morning because I don't prefer stepping out in oily hair.
The vitalizer has a rejuvenating herbal fragrance that relaxes my mind indeed. The beneficial mix of neem, amla, shikakai, mehandi, bringaraja n jatamansi prevents scalp infections, strengthens roots and controls dandruff. The rate of hair fall has gone down to some extent which had been really high due to monsoon season. So I would continue the usage of Anherb hair vitalizer for few months more to attain better results and stimulate growth of hair. 

100% natural.
Unique blend of powerful herbs.
Smells herbal due to its ingredients.
Controls dandruff effectively.
Makes hair more manageable post usage.
Suitable to all hair type.
Not extremely sticky (but still shows its presence on hair)
Price is ok.

Some may find the smell strong, but I liked it that way.

Do leave your comments if you have tried this product or a similar one..


  1. hey Shilpa!! I have truly not heard of this brand before. But I am amazed to read this product has got so many pros.

    1. Oh really. Infact I have been using their massage oil for almost an year now. And it is one of my fav. I am soon going to review that one also.

  2. Yes, being a cosmetologist I also recommend this product to my clients. As this product is free from mineral oil (LLP) and 100% made up of seasame oil, which doesn't only nourish & condition your hair but helps to maintain and boost the natural color of your hair.

    1. Awesome Anubhuti. Your inputs have added the weightage to my review. Thanks for stopping by :)


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