Wednesday 5 August 2015

Food for the 'Stomach' and for the 'Soul'

With the official start of summer, my not-so-fav season of year, its the time for me to take a break from kitchen and to discover great places to eat around. But the lazy bone in me reminds me to knock up that smiling panda on my phone screen who is feeling dead bored for not being utilized since long. I'm talking about app that usually proxies to get some delicious food delivered at my doorstep.
My recent order from Towns King concentrated on all veg dishes for a filling and comforting family dinner last night. 
A bowlful of generously seasoned pasta hit the spot as a summer dish, trading out its heavier ingredients and substituting fresh veggies, crunchy corns with aromatic herbs for a creamy soft taste. It's savory, not overly spicy flavours satiated our taste buds instantaneously. 
Delectable Pasta 
While relishing Italian pasta dish was the best way to elevate the dining mood, we switched over to perfectly cooked traditional dishes. My family's love for potatoes called for rich Dum Aaloo Kashmiri, tweaked as per our choice of spices for hot summer days. A light and elegant preparation of baby potatoes stuffed with flavourful khoya, paneer n nuts was cooked in yogurt based gravy to render authentic Kashmiri taste. 
Dum Aaloo Kashmiri
No one would shy away from cheese dishes as an impressive vegetarian option. I got Paneer Pasanda customized by replacing its spicy curry into smooth, exotic white gravy. The mildly sweet taste enhanced with royal texture of gently balanced the richness of the sinfully tender cheese slices. The silky cheese slices had a layer of crumbled cheese, raisins, chopped almonds tastefully wrapped inside and forced everyone to admire finger-licking and pleasantly pleasing dish.
Paneer Pasanda
Like every household, my family has some adamant tongues who don't care for seasons when it comes to food. Winning an arguement, they wanted a bit spicy dish boosting overall presentation. Palak Chana got shortlisted so that luscious palak curry should simmer flaming dry spice effect and gets down to a succulent regional dish.
Palak Chana
A palatable journey ended here with a blessed tummy full after exploring the hip food for summer :)


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