Monday 10 August 2015

IHA Body Radiance Massage Oil Review

A relaxing oil therapy is the ultimate source to re-energize myself. It not only relieves the pain of aching muscles but also promote proper body movement. I have got an ayurvedic preparation from IHA that is enriched with many herbal ingredients to revitalize the skin.
Product Details:

IHA Body Radiance Oil is perfectly blended to invigorate and revitalize the skin on cellular level. The ayurvedic actives contained in Body Radiance Oil provide the skin with vital nutrients much needed for a healthy, radiant and younger looking skin. This body oil is ideal for dry, tired and tensed muscles as it quickly penetrates the skin and helps to relieve fatigued & stressed muscles. Though useful in general body aches & pains, try Body Radiance Oil for head & scalp massage too,to relieve tension, head ache and sleeplessness.
Price: Rs 200
Qty: 125 ml

Kundru, Mahabala, Nirgundi, Guggulu, Atasi, Brahmi, Sankhpushpi, Tila Tail.

Packaging: Similar to many other IHA products.

My Experience: 
IHA body radiance massage oil is pale brown in color lighter than the one which you may see in the bottle. The oil is of appropriate consistency and smells like genuine herbal composition. You feel like enjoying spa at home while its splendid fragrance calms down your mind. The oil is decently oily and I absolutey like it, because if I am using an oil for giving my skin deep moisturizing, I want it to be 'OILY' and not just imitating an oil. The oilyness allows hands to glide easily over skin. The main sesame oil used in the oil makes the oil quite aromatic and capable of revitalizing tense muscles. It is absorbed fairly quick, but not so quickly that you need to keep reapplying it. Apply a generous quantity rubbed on skin till completely absorbed.
The fragrance in the oil lingers on for some time and fades away. So those who are not fond of herbal fragrances would like it too. I personally feel so relaxed after a massage with this oil and it uplifts my mood too. A regular massage with this oil nourishes the skin at cellular level and gives silky smooth skin removing every hint of dryness. If used on daily basis, it can cure minor body aches and de-stresses the mind after a tiring long day at work.
The one thing which I found special about this massage oil is that it can not only be applied on any part of the body, but can be used to massage your scalp to help sound sleep. So you need not to buy a separate head massage oil for curing that frustrating state of sleeplessness.
Ayurvedic preparation.
Decently Priced.
Sufficiently moisturizing.
Can be used for any part of body and head.
Smells herbal.
Destresses mind.
Relieves pain if used regularly.

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