Thursday 6 August 2015

Airtel 4G : The Launch of Fastest Network Ever

A slow internet connection can be so frustrating when your device is in best of health and still you are busy trouble shooting n fixing your bandwidth issues most of the time irrespective of a high end network plan :/  In the present scenario, when every industry is relying mostly on online processing, the manifest lack of speedy network hurts a business at its weakest point. Even for the personal web surfing experience, slow internet is a curse when communication goes offline, files take forever to upload or download and an obvious low feeling results in annoyance and disappointment. Many telecom companies have already claimed to resolve the subject, but all seems unproductive on practical grounds.

But today, it appears like a revolution has entered the telecom industry as Airtel officially launched its 4G services in 296 towns nationwide with a promise of uninterrupted high speed broadband experience. This epic launch makes Airtel the first company to bring the fastest new 4G services available to the public. :) Excited for obvious reasons? I am simply looking forward to upgrade my devices to match up the requirements of 4G as soon as possible.

Before me and you decide to switch over our current network plans to Airtel 4G, lets explore why 4G?

Airtel 4G is breaking the myth of being expensive and is offering the 4G services at a price of 3G only. Amazing!!

4G is expected to be five times faster than 3G services and would offer exceptional services such as high-definition mobile TV and video conferencing.

4G is committed to optimize your video steaming experience by compressing the file size without compromising the high quality of video.

The company has rolled out this interesting video that makes evident why Airtel is going to be the next-generation network for your smart devices.
Can't wait to lay your hands on this revolutionary product? Well, no worries! The company has designed an exclusive website where you can check whether your number is eligible for a 4G upgrade or not.

This website actually takes you through all the offerings of the product. You can compare and find a pocket-friendly prepaid/postpaid plan suited to your requirements. Then also choose to buy a 4G compatible mobile from the best deals. You can locate your city/town in the lists of four circles serviceable by 4G and can even request for a 4G SIM card by clicking on this link if you possess a 4G compatible device. The company promises to get the SIM card delivered at your doorstep in earliest possible time :)

The Airtel 4G service is being offered to the customers using any smart devices including mobile phones, dongles, 4G hotspots and Wi-Fi dongles. Now its the time to boast of fastest journey on the super smooth highway of network with no jerks involved and appreciate Airtel, the pioneer of 4G in India.

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