Monday 17 August 2015

Siblings are gifts in themselves!

The eternal bond of affection that I share wid my brother is as essential for me as Oxygen till the last moment of life :) Down the memory lane, I recall those priceless moments n say --

Yaad Hai Wo Pal Ke Jaise Guzra Hi Nahi,
Dil Ko Tera Pyaar Choo Raha Hai Abhi.
Aaj Milke Jee Lein Wo Bachpan Ki Yaadein
Kyunki Kuch Rishte Badalte Nahi Hain Kabhi.

Years have gone by, but the incident seemed like it just happened yesterday. It was Raksha Bandhan year 2006, when I was sitting on a hospital bed holding a tiny life in my hands and missing my family. The reason I was not allowed to go home was my preterm C-section delivery on August 6 that emerged as life- threatening complications post delivery. Since me and lil baby had been under strict observation and had been asked to be admitted to KMC ward, I was not allowed to meet anyone fearing getting affected by infections. From inside the glass door of the ward, I was greedily looking at the family members coming to see their loved ones because no sibling can afford to celebrate this auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan, whatever situation they may be in. I felt the hospital authorities and staff had been biased, and so they had been allowing only rich people enter the ward who can give money to gatekeepers. (I know it sound childish now, but that was the actual state of my mind that day)… The patients’ mobile phones had been submitted at the reception considering it unsafe for them in such delicate condition (which could have helped me keeping my hopes alive, if accessible) and the family members were asked to make a call at the reception phone number in case they needed to talk to the patient. And in my case, my parents had been so caring as well hesitant to make a call at the reception and disturb me. But because it was a special day, since morning I had been expecting a call from my home so that I could at least wish my only brother who was just 9 years old that time. Everytime the door of my ward used to slide at the entry of an attendant, I would look at her as if she would call out my name with a message to comes to the reception area. Hours and hours passed, but nothing of that sort happened. Sigh!! I gave up my hopes and cried until I lost my voice :’( The mild sound of crying of my li’l baby awake me from deep sadness and I realized that I am responsible for another life too. My physical and mental condition would have affected this li’l one too. I took my baby in my lap to feed him up and tried to smile at him, when my eyes got fixed on a lean boy at the outer gate of my ward talking to the gatekeeper on duty and few people smiling at each other. My heart pumped some more blood and this time with some hope again. A voice echoed in my heart “can he be Sunny, my bro?” ….“No, how can he be there”, another conflicting voice crossed my mind and I turned my face around. Few more minutes passed and I heard an affectionate voice coming closer to me “Happy Raksha Bandhan didi. Aaj aap nahi aayi to mai sabko yahin leke aa gaya.” I could not hold back myself any more. I pulled my brother into my arms and kissed on his forehead saying #MySiblingRocks . He took out a Rakhi and a chocolate from his pocket and told me “Jaldi se Rakhi bandh do. Nahi to wo gatekeeper uncle mujhe pakad ke le jayenge. Itni baar request ki tab jake mujhe andar aane diya hai. Aapke gifts bahar Papa ke paas hain.” I felt so touched and could hardly utter a word.
That little boy of 9 so innocently proved that we should care for our loved ones every single day of life. Because you may think what you did was just a small deed, but to your loved ones, it may be something to cherish for lifetime. I adore my brother so much that my good wishes will never fall short for him ever.
I will recount that blessed day every year whenever Raksha Bandhan nears :) This year, I am no boudries that can stop me from hugging him tight and shower him with loads of gifts from Indian Gifts Portal that he would treasure.


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