Tuesday 11 August 2015

IHA Skin Dew Moisturizer Review

There are hundreds of moisturizers available in the market, but if you are looking for one that acts as the best emollient for your dry skin, then IHA Skin Dew is your pick.

Product Details: 
IHA Skin Dew is an ayurvedic dry skin lotion prepared from “claimed to be the best” natural/ayurvedic- skin moisturisers & emollients. IHA SKIN DEW is a rich creamy lotion that quickly penetrates the epidermis and replenishes skin's natural moisture and vital lipids. The natural actives like Brahmi & Aloe Vera promote skin nourishment, cell renewal & skin rejuvenation, make skin soft, smooth, supple, youthful & visibly radiant on regular use.

Price: Rs. 140
Qty: 125 ml
Shelf Life:3 yrs

Enriched with natural extracts of Aloe Vera, Brahmi, Cucumber, Almond Oil & Sunflower Oil.
My take on IHA Skin Dew:
I have been using few other IHA products and I have been liking them all. None of the product has caused me any issue and suited my skin type. So I had high hopes from this dry skin lotion as well.
The creamy texture of Skin Dew moisturizer blends very well for long lasting coverage for your skin. The moisturizer is bit thicker, so I feel that the oily or extremely sensitive skin type may not accept it. The skin dew can be applied on any body part including face, so you may skip keeping a separate bottle of facial moisturizer in your stock. But take a not to apply a sunscreen along with this moisturizer, as it doesn't include SPF protection.
The almond oil, known for its intense hydrating capabilities actually seeps in to the skin for deep moisturizing feel. As I mention in most of my review posts, that I need to use body butters, lotions, massage oils in all seasons to keep my skin nourished; this product is performing excellent for my needs. The sweet-smelling formula balances the required oil level in my skin and reveals glowing skin. I'm loving it as a part of my everyday skin care regimen. 

The staying power is too good that after many hours post application, I don't feel like re-appying it due to its ultimate absorption.

Deeply hydrates the skin.
Smells lovely.
Removes dry patches.
100% herbal actives.
Animal cruelty free.
Repairs undernourished skin.
Pocket-friendly price.
Gives youthful look and feel to skin. 
Causes no inflammation.

May not be suitable for oily skin type.

IHA Skin Dew moisturizer is one of the best moisturizer that avoids using harsh chemicals or heavy fragrances. For dry skinned people, it can lock moisture within the skin for decent duration and naturally rejuvenates the skin.


  1. nice review - new brand IHA heard of it first time here

  2. no complete list of ingredients listed
    also you didn't put a photo of the reverse side of the box

  3. nice overall review - as always :)

  4. Great review, but since SPF is missing so instead of using two products it would be great if they would improve it!


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