Tuesday 25 August 2015

Sheer Care Little Hearts Soap Review


I find anything in heart shape so cute and adorable, be it a piece of jewelry, print on an outfit, a candy or even a soap bar ;) How exciting it is to imagine yourself holding a beautiful bathing bar with little hearts imprinted on it. This is something I felt when I received a lovely handmade soap from a natural skin care brand Sheer Care.

Brand Promise:
We prepare our products without using any 'harmful chemical'. We use natural colorants, skin safe fragrances, essential oils, pure carrier oils, clays, herbs, fruits, flowers etc in correct proportion to formulate our products to provide you a safe and healthy daily care, and a toxin-free routine. We do not buy readymade bases of skincare products, add on something, and claim 'handmade'. We prepare each product from scratch, in small batches, so that we use least amount of natural preservatives to reach you safely and remains intact till consumption, ensuring highest quality product for you. We prepare these products at home, as well as cut ,wrap and label at home. You may not find the packaging very attractive like other sellers, but we assure you of a genuine quality product for the price you pay!

Product Info: 
These little hearts on soap and mild fragrance,with the goodness of nourishing oils like olive,rice bran,sunflower,etc is a perfect sweet gift for anyone on any occasion.
Castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, rice bran oil, sunflower oil, beeswax, water, red clay, pink clay, activated carbon.

Price: 150/-
Weight: 75 gm
Packaging :
Little Hearts soap comes wrapped in a cling sheet. There are labels on either sides of packaging stating the soap name and its detailed ingredients with price etc.

The soap bar is designed with cute little hearts embossed with so much of delicacy. The tricolor soap bar in the first appearance reminds you of a tasty sandwich ;) Why?? because the soap bar is a triple layered soap with offwhite base, green center and the top layer with heart designed on it.
The soap bar is so creamy that the moment I unwrapped and took it out,  I had a feeling of holding a soap dipped in oil. (But no worries, it actually has no excessive oily feel on usage.)

My Experience:
The Little Hearts soap is a clay based soap with a generous mix of multiple essential oils. The soap has no artificial fragrance, but a natural smell of a combination of its ingredients. It didn't feel that floral feminine one, but truly an invigorating aroma. Also the smell doesn't lasts as soon as you rinse the skin up.
The clay is believed to absorb oil from skin surface without excessively drying it. The pink clay gently draws out the impurities from skin and soften the skin. This soap is especially suited to my dry skin type but also works well as a face and body soap for most skin types.
Its silky lathers doesn't feel extremely soapy on skin that required lot of rubbing to rinse it out. Just few splashes of water with soft touch to your skin in enough to cleanse the skin. The rich blend of oils with red clay genuinely kept my skin exfoliated and even worked on lightening tanned areas of my neck. So I am expecting a better skin toned after some more days of using this soap.
Most amazingly, unlike most facewashes/facial soap require me to apply moisturizer/lotion post shower, I dont use any after using this soap and still my skin feels happy and purified.

Beautifully crafted.
Blend of essential oils.
Uses clays as natural detoxifiers.
Lightens tanning.
No drying formula.
Suits most skin types.
Smells fine.
Easy to rinse.

I wish if the packaging could be improved a bit to keep the soap in a cardboard box to avoid disfiguring such pretty soaps made with loads of effort.

To sum it up, I would say the Little Hearts soap bar by Sheer Care is one of the best handmade, organic, all natural cold process soap bar on this planet that provides most supplements to your skin. It is slightly expensive, but I don't mind paying few bucks extra for its excellent ingredients


  1. this sounds like a lovely product
    looks hand made too
    you should have posted a FB link to their page

    1. U may follow the link to the website which automatically will give u FB link as well.

  2. Lovely review! I am into handmade soaps myself and I am glad to have discovered another brand through your blog. - Deepika

    1. Wow.. glad to know that Deepika. Under what name can I find your soaps..

    2. Oh Shilpa hehe, I meant I like using handmade soaps too and I am glad to have discovered a new brand through your review :)

  3. I too find anything in heart shape cute !
    The soap has lost it's shape - yes the packing needs to be changed


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