Wednesday 26 August 2015

Ethicare Remedies Kozilite Skin Lightening Lotion Review

Hi dears 

I am making you familiar with a skin lightening lotion today that is packed with rich botanical extracts that promises to give you even toned skin that you desire...The product is Kozilite Non-Oily Skin Lighteneing Lotion from a well known brand Ethicare Remedies.
Product Claims:

Kojic Acid, Turmeric extract, Liquorice extract, Arbutin, Nicotinamide, Vit. C, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Bearberry extract, Mulberry extract, Chandan, Wheat Germ Oil, Titanium oxide.

Rs. 499 for 100 gm
Rs. 299 for 50 gm
Shelf Life: 3 yrs.
Caution: Not to be used for kids under 3 yrs of age.
The product comes in plastic tube of chocolaty brown color which seems very attractive to me. The tube is contained in a cardboard box following the same color theme.  The tube and the outer pack have complete details of the product printed on both. The screw cap as well as the tiny nozzle inside the pack is neatly sealed to avoid any spillage.

My take on the product:
The Kozilite lotion is a pale yellow liquid. The consistency of the lotion is very thin. The tube packaging of the product has a tiny nozzle on its top which I expected would be ejecting little quantity on pressing the tube softly. But due to the runny consistency, the lotion came out as soon as I turned it upside down after opening the cap. This is something I didn't like about the product. Because there are chances of wastage if extra quantity comes out than required.
The lotion has a mixed perfume that I couldn't related to one single ingredient, but is somewhat closer to mild smell of Chandan. The fragrance stays for not much longer, but you may still feel it if sniffed your skin intentionally to check.

The lotion is lightweight with non greasy feel and easily gets absorbed through the skin. It leaves no shiny, oily, whitish layer behind post usage, which I liked a lot. Packed with moisturizing oils and vitamin C, the effectiveness of the product can be swear by. 
It is one product that can be used on face and entire body. It can be used at any time of the day, but I feel its best to give yourself a light massage after bath or shower with this lotion until thoroughly absorbed into skin. The skin remains hydrated for quite long after its application. In my opinion, it would help out the dry skin beauties to great extent. Though its not too oily to be avoided by normal and oily skin types. 

Continued use of Kozilite helps lighten skin pigmentation and improve overall skin texture for fairer, and even skin tone. I won't claim that it may transform your appearance magically, but I totally trust the botanical ingredients like bearberry extract which is a  natural skin brightener and mulberry extract that may even cure your dark spots. The effects of chandan and turmeric are known to the world and they have been infused in the product to achieve the result. My final verdict is in favour of the product, provided the lotion had been a bit more concentrated for my liking. 


  1. I have oily skin and it gets greasy easily, especially in summers. I'm not able to decide if I want to try this or not.

    1. U may choose to apply it in cold winters season only if your skin accepts little moisture that time of year.

  2. I just used Natural beauty products and now i found this Kozilite Skin Lightening Lotion quite interesting thanks for sharing this amazing product.!


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