Saturday 15 August 2015

Ethinext Pharma Cutishine Face Wash Review

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Here is a mild Cutishine facewash from Ethinext Pharma that is offered by the brand for mainly for oily, acne prone, irritated or mature skin. Read to know my views on the same...
Key Ingredients:
Glycolic Acid...........02.00%
Salicylic Acid..........00.50%
Liquorice Extract....01.00%
Tea tree Oil.............00.50%
Aloe Vera................02.00%

Price: 159/- for 70 ml 
My Experience:
The CutiShine facewash comes in a fascinating golden tube that is a treat to eyes first of all. The partially transparent tube gives a glimpse of facewash which looks glorious with starry golden granules swimming in the ocean of shiny liquid.
is a transparent clear gel like liquid. Its not runny and watery thin. Rather the consistency is thicker than the usual facewashes. It has micro granules of white and golden color for soft scrubbing. The granules melt as soon as you massage them onto your wet skin and so are not harsh for skin to handle. 
The Cutishine is one of the very beautifully scented facewash from the brand I have used till date. The sweet smelling face wash is a real mood changer in the sense that it gets your tired skin freshen up instantly. 
The facewash is not extremely rich in lather. Infact I like that it foams only for doing it cleansing job, and not just to show off. I take it as a plus point that it has less surfactants that may cause dryness in return.
The brand claims the facewash to be a dual-performance product i.e. cleansing the skin as well as providing improved complexion. The active ingredient have been carefully infused to achieve the purpose. Liquorice Extract is one of the most effective herb that can help treating many skin diseases due to its anti- oxidant, anti- inflammatory and antiviral properties. Its mild smoothening and brightening action works on any type of skin with regular usage. Tea tree oil and Aloe vera have been contributing to provide moisture to skin without stripping natural skin oils.
The facewash works very effectively to cut down excessive oil from skin, thereby stops arrival of acne. I recommend it to people with oily skin specially. Overall it smoothens the skin texture and works towards brightening of dull complexions and dehydrated skin. The formula is mild enough to
be used once or twice everyday depending on requirements.

Lovely fragrance.
Doesn't dehydrate the skin.
Uses essential oils.
Thick consistency.
Small quantity required per usage.
Best suited for acne prone skin.
Can be used everyday.

Slightly expensive for some.
May not be available in offline stores.

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