Friday 24 April 2015

Inatur Herbals Relaxation Massage Oil Review

Hello Dearies

Today I am gonna write about how can you get amazingly smooth and youthful skin with the healing touch of Sweet Almond Oil. I am sharing my views on Inatur Herbals Relaxation Massage Oil.

Product Info: 
Inatur Relaxation massage oil is enriched with French Lavender that relaxes the body and mind and is renowned for its healing properties. This oil is ideal for a massage. It not only relaxes the body but also refreshes the mind with its sweet, delicate and soothing aroma. Read the details here.
Directions for use:
Take a small quantity of massage oil on your palm and gently massage all over the body with circular and upward and downward strokes.

Ideal For:
All skin types.

Sweet Almond Oil- that moisturizes,
Lavender - that relaxes body and mind.
Patchouli- that brings calmness and peace of mind.
Vanilla- that creates positive energy and uplifts mood.

Price & Qty: 200 ml for Rs 440.
Shelf Life: 30 months.
Availability: you can buy it from Flipkart.

The oil comes in a sturdy plastic bottle which is transparent and lets you see the quantity left in the bottle. The bottle has got a tight screw cap on the top and an inner dart cap inserted on the neck of the bottle. The packaging is absolutely spill proof.
My take on the product:
If some of you find it awkward to read that I am using a massage oil in summers too, don't be.. because I am always ready for a good rejuvenating massage either for the proper alignment of my body and mind or for pain relief or simply to escape for some peaceful experience. And I actually find it better to take a massage than to swallow tablets for relaxation of body n mind.

So I made it obvious why I used this Inatur Herbals Relaxation Massage Oil. And now coming back to my experience...Inatur Herbals Relaxation Massage Oil is a herbal product crafted for the overall well-being of a person.
I pricked a hole in the inner dart cap of the bottle to squeeze out the oil in desired quantity. As I poured some oil on my palm, I was forced to engross in captivating aroma of the oil. It truly smells heavenly and I love the aromatherapy based products. The fragrance instantly relaxes n soothes the mind & lingers on for almost whole day on a mild note.

The oil itself is transparent and is of watery consistency as I could expect of a generic oil. When I applied the oil to my skin, I realized that it is very light on skin and doesn't give that sticky feeling at all. The absorption capability is too good. Only a gentle massage in circular motion got the oil absorbed into the skin deeply.
My skin is on dry side, so I applied a generous quantity for deep nourishment. It not only made my skin feel softer, but also helped in relieving sore muscles and strained joints after a long working day sitting in front of the computer for many hours.

Though I have used the oil for almost two weeks till date, I am experiencing considerable improvement in my energy levels and overall nourishment to the body, because the ingredients like Lavender n Patchouli are best known for pushing away stress and anxiety and relaxing the nerves
with a revitalizing body massage.

Smells Divine.
Travel Friendly packaging.
Deeply Hydrates the skin.
Herbal ingredients
Not tested on animals.
Easy online availability.
Light on skin.
Doesn't feel greasy on skin after application.
Suits all skin types.

A bit expensive.

Overall Opinion: 
Inatur Herbals Relaxation Massage Oil is absolutely one of the best in the similar product line of other brands. It effectively creates a protective barrier over the skin surface that minimizes loss of moisture and helps in reducing dryness, chapped skin, itchy or cracked skin. If the herbal ingredients and much of the gentle care is your concern, then this oil is a must try.


  1. Your review is same as this product soothing and easy going. I hope this product will give same result on oily skin. Wish the company make a smaller pack which can give customer Already a try.

    1. Bhawna, the product is very very good. The brand offers single size pack only.

  2. I agree with you. I too love massaging even during summers. Hope this product will give me an aromatic and effective massaging experience !

  3. Massage is totally a pampering session which rejuvenate you and make you active and fresh for taking up your daily challenges

  4. Shilpa, for me a body massage is an escape from the hectic routine of my daily life to a journey of relaxation regardless the month of the year or the season. And I always try to get a body massage done at least once a month but again it never happens due to busy schedule. This Inatur Herbals Relaxation Massage oil sounds amazing plus it being natural & herbal is a big bonus & hence I love it. For me this oil has all pros & none con's. Even the price point is fine by me because when you go to a spa they charge much more saying that they use natural oils for body massages. So that way I feel with this oil I get a win win situation at the comfort of my own home. Thanks for sharing this review. Your reviews always helps me in saving my time & energy & now also my money. So a big Thank you to you for all that you do.

    1. Thanks for so much of faith in me Kavita. I will keep sharing my honest reviews in future

  5. Massage is so important in our hectic lives......I wish to try this out based on your review Shilpa

  6. Nice review, surly a must try product.

  7. Irrespective of the season even I love pampering myself in all ways :)
    I love to indulge myself in massage,scrubs and body wraps !!!
    I'm now using soulflower massage oil,
    This oil comes with decent quantity and price! Your review is so impressive and I would love to try this product very soon.
    Thanks for reviewing this :)

    1. Even I had been using soulflower oils for different purposes. But this is the recent fav ;)

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