Thursday 9 April 2015

Warm Hugs Self Heating Pads Review

Heating pads are something that have been used and advocated for years. I personally have found a significant decrease in the amount of pain that heating pads ease down. But what actually troubles me is to plug in the heating pads and sitting idle at one place doing nothing. Because of this reason, I either do not use heating pads or just turn it on while I am already in bed just for the sake of warmth that may help me sleep.

But recently, I discovered and used an innovative product called 'self heating pad' by Warm Hugs that needs no plugging-in and can be used on-the-go. So here goes its detailed review :)

Product Info:
Be it that annoying Period pain, Back pain or just the Cold Weather, Warm Hugs brings you a way to carry on with your day. Just Open, Stick and Hide !!! Warm Hugs provides soothing warmth directly on the area of discomfort. It is air activated, cloth adhesive and light. It can be worn discreetly under the clothes so you can carry on with your day. Use it to treat menstrual cramps, to soothe muscle pain, or to just keep warm.

Usage Instructions:
Each heating pad is sealed in a sachet. The sachet has got complete details of ingredients used in the pad as well as the stepwise guide to use it. The sachet is absolutely light weight, so can be thrown in your handbag while travelling as well as while stepping out for any reason including to your work place.
Iron Powder, Water, Vermiculite, Wood Powder, Activated Carbon, Salt.

Price: Rs 380 for a pack of 10 heating pads. You can buy it on Amazon or Snapdeal.

Size:  Each disposable heating pad is of 130x100 mm dimension.

Why Did I use Warm Hugs?
Many a times, I suffer from stiff neck followed by neck pain and shoulder pain. The most probable reason that I can make out is my improper body posture. I try to take care while making body movements, but there are times when soreness of my upper neck area becomes unbearable. The stiffness once started, lasts for a couple of days and prompts neck pain that ranges from mild to extreme and very annoying bcz it almost stops functioning of my above-shoulder body :( Then I have to use some instant pain-relieving sprays or swallow some pain-killer tablets to continue working for atleast next few hours (no employer can give me frequent leaves, u know). Now this time I decided to cure my pain without any medication i.e. by using Warm Hugs Self Heating pads.

My Experience with Warm Hugs?
As mentioned above, there is a stepwise guide on each pack about how to use and apply the heating pad. So I removed the heating pad from the package and waited for few minutes to expose the pad to air for 2-3 minutes so that it should start heating up.
As seen on the heating pad, I was supposed to remove the paper shield. So I peeled off the release paper from its back side that could show up the sticky inner side of the pad. (refrain from touching the sticky portion of the pad to avoid getting it spoiled, else it will fall off)
Then I stuck the pad on outside of my tightly fitted top just below my neck on the right place where it aches the most and wore a shrug over it, so that it remains warm for longer.
The moment I was softly pressurizing the heating pad against my clothes, I could feel mild heat on my skin. I kept the pad resting on its place for whole day as I left to work. I could realize the temperature getting increased. The warmth felt quite soothing and pain-relieving. The pad stuck on my back caused me no hassle while working. The wonderful thing about Warm Hugs is its thin density due to which it does not get emerged from underneath the clothes and nobody can notice its presence until or unless you disclose it yourself ;)

The warmth of Warm Hugs soothed my stiff muscles and minimized my body's discomfort for quite good time. Infact, there was time when the heat was too high that I felt like peeling the pad off, but since it was not unbearable and I was enjoying better flexibility in head movement due to my loosened shoulder muscles; so I retained the pad on my neck for some more time.

Though the brand claims the warmth to last as long as 10 hrs, in my case it was almost 5-6 hrs. There can be various reasons for that. So I peeled the pad off my clothes when it was no longer hot and dispose it off properly. Overall, my first experience with Warm Hugs has been really positive.


  • Easy to use.
  • Travel Friendly packaging
  • Inexpensive.
  • Portable and Lightweight.
  • Hygienic and Disposable.
  • Provides instant relief.
  • Needs no electricity, flaming, batteries etc.
  • Completely natural, non-toxic. 
  • Bio-degradable ingredients.
  • No side effects.
There is no negative aspect about the product, if used in appropriate manner.

1. Don't stick the pad directly on the skin. As the skin may get low temperature burns after continuous usage or the adhesive will wear off due to the sweat and the pad will slip off from skin.
2. The heat pack is cloth adhesive. It should be stuck on top of underclothes. So wear sufficiently tight-fitted underclothes else the ingredients inside the pad may get accumulated in one side after some time.
3. Don't open the pack until its the right time to use the pad, bcz the heating process begins as soon as the pack is opened and you won't be able to put a heated pad back.
4. Do not use it in combination with any creams or lotions etc.
5. Do not use it on infants.
6. Do not use the pad if it gets torn out.

Overall Opinion:
The heat therapy offered by Warm Hugs is quite inexpensive yet effective to relive oneself from muscle pain, cramps and other internal injuries. Its actually a savior specially to those women who suffer unbearable mensural pain. I definitely recommend the product to everyone who wants to give heat therapy a chance to help alleviate many types of pains.

For more information about Warm Hugs, follow here.


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