Thursday 16 April 2015

Buying Guide for Elite Men Watches

Its not only the expensive outfit and branded footwear, but also the perfect accessories that make your ensemble complete. Who needs second opinion to name an accessory that scores over most vital ones. Well! you guessed it right... Watches are definitely the most imperative fashion accessory apart from being a necessity, because it adds a charismatic appeal to one's personality.

Talking about myself, I consider a classy wrist watch not only a time-keeping device helping me to plan my life events, but an ingenious friend that allures me in its company all the time. When it comes to gifting myself some joyous memories, I love to save a part of my salary just to buy some adorable occasion-specific watches that help me accessorize much impressive. 

Anyways, today I am writing exclusively for the gentlemen so that they don't feel knocked back and will be talking about buying guide for Elite Watches for Men. 

When a watch sits on your wrist, it catches people's eye & earns your compliments. Most of the times, the pricey brand names are associated with more fashionable and superior quality goods. But I recommend to buy a watch that compliments your personality as well as lifestyle without necessarily having to break the bank. 

A watch becomes a part of you when it is worn tastefully as per the occasion. Sporting a casual, multicolored or jeweled watch with business suit in an official meeting can crash down your entire style sense.So a sensible choice has to be made to buy different watches for both work and play. 

Then comes the latest IN thing in market i.e oversized faceted playful, rubber strap watches that says a lot indeed. It has become quite a trend in youngsters. But don't think twice to accessorize yourself with a broader dialed watch for night outs, informal gatherings or might be a leisurely weekend trip despite of your age group.... Why should the boys have all fun ;) 
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The guys who prefer wearing their favourite watch everyday, I recommend them buying a high-end silver or gold bracelet wrist watch that is considered dressy enough to be worn with a formal business suit and casual enough for other occasions. Versatility comes with such watches on its own.
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So here I have put together my suggestions to purchase men watches which is undoubtedly an indispensable fashion accessory for them. Hope it helps you while making next purchase.


  1. OMg Helpful one..Thanks for The article Dear

  2. Nice review, from your watch suggestions, i loved the fastrack chronography watch for men and the raga watch for women in rose gold, that rose gold colour is so very tempting, I'm drooling over it since it got launched but didn't find right occasion to grab it P

  3. Brilliant Shilpa!!! I call this review of yours the "Out of the Box" review. I mean who would expect a review on suggestion on how & what watch to buy for a man. But it's really thoughtful of you to come up with this review. Because after reading it, it has definitely helped me to understand on how & what type of watch to buy to all the men in my life i.e. My hubby dear, my lovely brother & my awesome dad. They deserve the best of all & thanks to you I can do that easily now. And am sure it must have been helpful to all other lovely lady readers of your blog too like ME :)

  4. Good review plus Your suggestions are also valuable.

  5. nice review , last year birthday I have gifted my hubby Elite Watch and he love it . He usually wear less watch but very keen of collecting it . on special occasion or meeting, he never forget to wear it.


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