Tuesday 28 April 2015

Sand For Soapaholics Hair & Glory Conditioner Review


I am back with another product review that comes from a brand that is new to me and I have used the first product from their range.

About the Brand:
'SaND for Soapaholics' is the concept of Founder and Chief Crafter Sangeeta that came into existence in August 2014. Their range of products include natural artisan soaps, moisturizers, body creams, shampoos, conditioners etc. Inspired by traditional Indian home remedies for skin care, their creations contain ingredients like fresh ground nuts, fresh turmeric (ambe haldi), finger millet (ragi), gram flour (besan) and several other such skin-friendly ingredients available in most Indian kitchens and gardens. These ingredients are then blended with essential oils and exotic infusions such as goat milk, buttermilk, saffron infused water etc. Not only is their entire product range made from scratch, using quality ingredients, but we also do it all by hand, from mixing and blending, to curing and packaging. Once you buy a SaND product, you will get hooked!

Product Claims:
Hair & Glory is a hair conditioner for all occasions and an exquisite mix of ingredients that satisfies all hair types. The magic of this conditioner lies in the Tender Coconut Water, which not only quenches dry and frizzy hair but also improves blood circulation to the scalp. To breathe life into those tresses an herb in-fallible to hair care Nagarmota Oil is added which takes conditioning to the next level by strengthening your hair follicles. Then Ghavla Kachra Powder has also been sprinkled in to protect your glory that is known for its Ayurvedic antiseptic properties! To complete this masterpiece, the scintillating Peppermint Essential Oil has been we’ve blended that will leave you and everyone around you minty fresh!

Recommended for: Light-strength conditioning.

Directions to use: Apply after shampooing. Leave for two to three minutes, and rinse off.

Ingredients: Every 10 gm contains Water of Coconut Fruit (Cocos nucifera) (61.69%), Aloe vera Leaf Gel (18.42%), Nagarmota Rhizome Pdr. (Cyperus rotundus) (2.76%), Ess.Oil blend of Tea Tree Leaf (Melaleuca leucadendron) & Peppermint Aerial part (Mentha piperata) (2.76%), Avocado Oil (Prunus armeniaca) (1.84%), Phenoxyethanol (0.92%), Zeodary Rhizome Pdr. (Curcuma zedoaria) (0.92%)

Price and Qty:
Rs. 168 for 30 gm.
Rs. 280 for 50 gm.
Rs. 560 for 100 gm.
Buy online here or from the store at Garuda Mall, Bangalore.

Packaging:The conditioner comes in a flattened plastic tub packaging in gold hues and bears a tight screw cap on it. The sample pack that I received doesn't lists any ingredients details on it, but I am sure the full-sized packs would have the same,

My Experience:
Hair & Glory is a metallic gray colored hair conditioner which actually leaves you stunned in the first look ;) Even I myself have never seen or used a beauty product that is of such unusual color. But honestly telling you, I didn't put me off, rather turned on my curiosity as to how would that perform..

The appearance of the conditioner gave me a feeling that it would be having some coarse granules in it, may be because I found it similar to sand's color ;) But when I took out little quantity on my finger and rubbed it between my thumb and finger, I realized its quite smooth and creamy. The consistency is just the appropriate that can be applied easily and evenly on hair.
Coming to the scent used, I swear its fragrance is so herbal & minty refreshing, but on strong notes. Some of you might find it not so appealing, but I liked it without any complaints.

After shampooing my hair, I squeezed excess water from my hair, applied a small measure of the conditioner on my wet hair & then using my fingertips rubbed it onto my roots. I left the conditioner on the scalp and then extended through the lengths and ends of my hair for 2-3 minutes. I could feel a cooling effect on my scalp with conditioner on the hair which I believe is due to Peppermint Essential Oil in the formulation. Lastly I rinsed my hair well, combed through and styled as usual. I was liking the lovely fragrance in my tresses even the next day post head bath.

The aftereffects of the conditioner included soft and moisturized hair as promised by the ingredients like Tender Coconut Water, though I felt my hair weighed down a bit. My hair felt easy to detangle and more manageable. The conditioner worked effectively on the dry ends of my hair and kept them softer.

I have used it only thrice for my alternate day head bath and I believe its continuous usage will make my hair lustrous.

Herbal Ingredients.
Suits all hair types.
Moisturizes the hair.
Smells lovely.
Can be used for everyday mild conditioning.
Cruelty free.
Proper consistency.
Gives shine to rough hair.
Doesn't itch the scalp.

Availability can be an issue.
Would be much safer in a bottle packaging.
Pricey (but any thing better comes for a price, you see)

Overall Views:
Sand For Soapaholics Hair & Glory Conditioner is one of the great hair conditioners that is chemical free and is infused with exotic skin-safe ingredients. It actually does what it claims by offering you glorious & strong hair with gentle touch.


  1. Good and detailed view. Yes the packaging is not quite attractive and its little pricey too.
    Love to try it and the feel my hair after applying it.

  2. Looks like a promising brand, I am all in for natural product will surely try it.

  3. My hair is very dry and freeze , i do try lots of brands but will come back to L'Oréal coz my hair obeys only for that but this Sand For Soapaholics....name itself is tempting, and I visited the site OMG!! I have never seen such an yummy site all the products are an eye candy, I so wanna try all thier products seriously!!! All the product pics in their site makes me go WOW!!
    And you have mentioned that it has got strong fragrance and peppermint.....wooot woot those are my type :) :)
    Thanks for introducing a nice brand, cant wait to try it :) :)

  4. I love trying new products..i think this will be included in my wishlist...Thanks for reviewing this new product...and even thanks for the online link too...

  5. I have seen this SaND for Soapaholics & all their products before in Garuda Mall. They all looked nice & interesting. I was a big fan of Lush products when I was in Canada & these products reminded me of them. They looked very similar to Lush products. Even though they are pricey, they are unique & freshly made which attracts me to these products. I loved everything you have to say about this 'SaND for Soapaholics'. They are just wonderful products as they look & smell wonderful too & now knowing that they work the same way (wonderfully) is really making me more happy. Thanks for a great review yet again Shilpa :) I am very sure it will work on my dry hair too. Will definitely try it out next time I pass by Garuda Mall. The most happiest thing about this SaND for Soapaholics is since am in Bangalore itself, availability is not a con for me :p

  6. Wow - Tender Coconut Water and Nagarmota Oil ! never heard of such a combination - can't wait to try it .
    My hair is frizzy and real bad.
    I had waist length hair which I had to chop down till my ears due to frizz.
    I think this conditioner must be good and can save my remaining hair - else I have to go bald !


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