Monday 20 April 2015

Food Photography & Asus Zenfone 2

"Your camera quality barely matters if you have to click only food pics..." is the most humorous thing about food photographers that I have ever come across. I mean how can people think of food bloggers as amateurs who incidentally or accidentally get to click fabulous food pic :/ The food also deserves to be clicked with perfect shot in much-appetizing & tempting manner. Not all the time, we (the food bloggers) get a chance to strike a balance between the camera settings and the food being presented in front of our eyes..Infact I had messed up many a times just because it took my phone camera a li'l extra time to adjust its exposure, focus, flash, composition etc :( But I believe my hunt for an appropriate camera will end soon with the launch of Asus ZenFone 2 that is said to have critically acclaimed PixelMaster Camera loaded with marvelous features.

So here is why I think the unique ASUS-developed PixelMaster Camera technology will be my rescuer for my food photography...
When my pics get blurred in dim light of a restaurant: The root cause of blurry pics is the lack of enough light getting to the sensor of camera. The potential solution is PixelMaster Camera's Low Light mode which is designed to take brighter images in low light conditions. It basically combines four adjacent pixels into one and applies image processing algorithms to increase the light sensitivity by up to 400% and boosts the color contrast by up to 200%. And the result is ...clearer high quality picture with optimum noise cancellation.

When the picture turns out in false colors: Having some more bright areas in a food pic may be due to overexposed areas. Even the Color noise may adversely affect the quality of a pic to greater extent when you find it difficult to relate the picture to 'true-to-life- color. PixelMaster Camera's Depth of Field feature will bring the pic to true colors by helping me click pics to isolate objects from their background highlighting certain aspect of a picture.

When a passer-by ruins the well-captured picture: While attending an event in the town, not enough time is given to every individual to click the food object presented at the center stage. And it hurts when an unwanted moving object spoils your most precious photograph accidentally :( PixelMaster Camera's Smart Remove feature is ready to smartly erase the unwanted moving objects from your photos and hence giving a magically uplift to the pic quality :)

When I want to click a food selfie: Not to forget mentioning my passion for selfies ;) And a selfie with my food preparation is not worth missing actually. But when I get imbalanced due to the difficulty in holding the food preparation for a selfie, onviously it gets shaky. I would love to use PixelMaster Camera's Selfie mode that will help me click wonderful selfies after the acoustic countdown initiation & will automatically take a burst of three pictures to capture the best moments :)

In short, the PixelMaster Camera is a noteworthy tool of Asus ZenFone 2 which proves that one doesn’t necessarily need a super fancy camera beyond your budget to take appealing food pics.


  1. I was actually waiting for your review on this mobile and you made it today. I'm impressed after reading about the camera features and I wanna buy this phone, so badly !

  2. Your review tells us that the PixelMaster Camera is superb and I wish to click a selfie from this phone to see the clarity.

  3. Really ?
    Moving objects can be erased ? :o

  4. OMG!! This has got some revolutionary specifications!!

  5. Pixel Master Camera sounds amazing Shilpa. It just amazes me as to how technology has advanced so far today. It is definitely one of the most important feature in today's cell phone. And it also comes in a phone within the budget is more amazing for me. I feel its a Wow effect of all. I definitely want to scream now #CantWaitforAsusZenPhone2!!!

  6. wooow shilpa , shaky picture can be correct ?
    amazing it is surely picture master , love to hold in my hand

  7. Sound an interesting product!!!


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