Monday 27 April 2015

A Happy Soul In Me

"How does happiness look like??" An interesting yet confusing question from me to me...
We often allow our happiness to be controlled by others. But being happy is nothing, but restructuring our thoughts so that we are able to break our mental barriers which restricts us from experiencing real joys of life. 
There’re tons of simple reasons I take up to alleviate my happiness multifold. Real happiness comes to me when I get a break from routine robotic life and feel myself lucky to spend quality time with family n friends. Obviously, its not a big deal, but ask a person staying home all alone many hours every day and looking for a reason to smile.

A smile spreads my face spontaneously when the beautiful surroundings are calling me to create silent yet meaningful conversation with itself. I soak myself in the purest of positive and pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy in the lap of nature. 

Why go too far seeking happiness?? The 'in-house' reason to make me feel delightfully proud is receiving a motivating compliment on the dining table for admiring my culinary skills, every time I serve a meal to my family. It just gives me the confidence that I am not lacking in my household responsibilities to reach professional heights.

There are times when a guilt overpowers me when a deadline is nearing & I'm yet to accomplish my assigned duties. This realization no longer lets me be happy at heart because of constant brainstorming & I am stressing myself out for obvious reasons. But when I'm determined to hit the hammer on the nail, no stones is left unturned and again a memorable episode is added to my accomplishments :) I laugh at my foolish approach and decide to stay relaxed next time onwards.. What a strange way to come across happiness :)

Lot more to say about my little reasons to be happy...Well, how can I not mention myself feeling soooo happy on the sight of an expecting mummy, a sleeping baby, a rainbow in the sky, a drive with hubby, sharing favourite dish from same plate with my junior, receiving lovely remarks on my articles, visiting my home town, meeting old friends and seeing papa's name flashing on my phone screen for an incoming call ;) ;) The list can go on n on, but I end it here with a reminder to myself that happiness is a blissful state of mind that leads to contentedness. Lets not measure but treasure the happiness.
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  1. So many happy things !
    Reading your happy things make me happy, thereby :)

  2. Beautiful words and impressive reasons to smile in this hectic life.

  3. Such a sweet review Shilpa. It instantly made me happy & there was a smile on my face. Well, happiness is everywhere around us but like you say at times with the hectic daily life of balancing work & personal life we tend to miss it. Especially when it comes to woman like us, being a mom, wife & working out is a real task. But then for me at the end of that hectic day spending time with my dear ones instantly refreshes me & makes me so happy that it cannot be measured in terms of money at all. Reading out a story from my sons favourite storybook to put him to bed, Seeing my son sleep soundless after that, just sitting next to my hubby & talking to him at the end of the day is more valuable then anything in this world for me. And then the next day in the morning a hug & a kiss from both of my handsome duos i.e my hubby dear & my sweetheart son makes the perfect beginning of the day for me which makes me feel the most happiest & luckiest person on the earth :)

  4. so true, in search of happiness we always forget small things that give us happiness.

  5. Hi Shilpa
    Much need post! Even a kid is now searching for reason to smile :/
    You have compiled the post very well and made it interesting for us to read :)
    I too get to smile and feel happy and blessed when I see a rainbow and when it rains and when my baby smiles at me , when someone gifts me makeup stuffs, when I get a make over , when my hubby surprises , when I get that last piece in pizza all for myself! , I'll be staying happy from one month before my bday ;) and this list wont end at all.....
    My soul is a Happy Soul.

    I watched the Ivy estate walk through video, the construction looks stunning...surely life will be a celebration in at Ivy estate! :)

  6. Hey shilpa true...Happiness is an utmost purpose in life which most of the people forget by running after money now a days...People have forgot to laugh....Even same here dear i to find happiness in each and every aspect like long drive with my wouldbe,,kids smile,rainbow wowwww all lovely moments in life...Thanks for sharing ur happier happy dear keep smiling always...

  7. very true shilpa, a lonely person like us, consider one of them too. lot of household work but no break. even hubby got break from their office, what about us :)
    but family smile matter a lot and that happiness is my reason to smile


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