Monday 20 April 2015

Aryanveda Fruit Secrets Home Spa Line Review

I usually don't visit beauty salons for facials and my preference is home facial most of the time. So after deciding to go for home facial, the next job is to find the products that don't cause any issues after usage and do not elevate the present skin issues. Though my skin is not sensitive, but you never know when a product may hurt the skin. Recently I received a home spa line facial kit from Aryanveda Herbals in Fruit Secret variant. And as usual I read about the brand before proceeding to use the products.

About the brand: 
Aryanveda Cosmeceuticals blossomed in the year 1997 with a commitment to blend nature with science to perfection and set definitions of quality and deliverability in the field of beauty care products. Aryanveda Herbals is one of those reputed companies which have delivered excellence through ideally formulated herbal cosmetics products of trust-worthy quality. The company has an assimilated experience of more than 17 years of producing fine blends of ayurvedic science & new age cosmetic inventions in skin- safe herbal cosmetic products. The company brings forth a wide range of skin care, body care and hair products to give a complete care to the end-users.

Product Packaging:
Aryanveda Fruit Secrets Home Spa Line kit comes in a cardboard box. It is a pack of 4 products essential for facial. 
The complete kit All the products are packaged in squeeze tube that is a great relief. Because I actually dislike the usual sachet packing which has to be finished in single use and cannot be kept safe for later use. 
You get a free facewash worth Rs 65 with in the packaging. yoohoo ;)

Price: Rs 185.
Quantity: 55 gms.
Shelf Life: 2 yrs.

My take on the product:
So now I am gonna tell you how these cute tubes actually worked for me.. The tubes have proper numbering done on each as per the sequence in which those should be used. So it makes the job easier.

For Step 1. Cleanser: Its an orange color gentle facial which smells absolutely fruity. The ingredient list speaks loud of its content that includes papita, shatpatri, tarbooza, kheera, kharbooza, jaitoon oil, gajar etc. 
The cleanser resembles like a gel and is transparent. I massaged it gently on my face for few minutes and it seemed to lift the pollutants away from my skin actually. As per the instructions on the tube, I took the generous quantity for massage. But it gets instantly vanished making it lil difficult to give motion to my hands on face. So I used few drops of water to massage and it worked perfectly well. After a massage of less than 5 minutes, I rinsed off my face. The cleanser comes off quite easily with no need of rubbing. The skin felt deeply cleansed with lovely fragrance.
For Step 2. Scrub:
The cleanser did its job really well. And then I took to exfoliate my skin. because the removal of the dead skin cells on the skin's surface is a must for overall face care regimen.  This scrub is infused with papita, shatpatri, tarbooza,ghritkumari, jaitoon oil, manjishtha and akhrot. 
The scrub is using akhrot among active ingredient which we all know is one of the best exfoliator. This scrub is pale pink color paste. It is too creamy that it doesnt feel like being harsh to skin while scrubbing. The minute akhrot granules are quite gentle for delicate facial skin and remove dead cells successfully. The fragrance of the scrub again is on mild fruity side that doesn't irritate my nose at all. I massaged the scrub on my face and extended it to my neckline as well. It worked even on the tanned areas on my neckline and it appeared cleaner than before. The skin doesn't get over dried, means it retains the natural oils on skin intact.
For Step 3: Massage Cream
For the optimum benefit of facial, the skin needs a thorough massage after scrubbing. However gentle the scrub may be, but I always feel the soft touch to the skin in the next step. This massage cream is formulated with Ghritkumari, Papita, Kheera, Khus, Badam, Olive oil, Gajar.
This massage cream is almost similar in color and fragrance as of the scrub. The consistency is not very thick so as you try rubbing it on skin, the fingers glide smoothly on the face. For me it is the appropriate moderate consistency for a massage cream. It penetrates the skin in no time and leaves skin feeling soft, supple and radiant. I didn't notice unwanted shine on my face after its application, and I am really happy about it.
For Step 4: Face pack 
A face pack is the final step in facial to moisturise, cleanse, tone and rejuvenate your skin. This facepack is made of masura, papita, santara, manjishtha, yashtimadhu, khus, ghritakumari etc.
Applying this face pack ensures supply of essential nutrients to skin with effective natural ingredients. The pack is dark brick color creamy paste that can be easily applied on the face with a gentle brush or even with your fingers. I kept the pack on my face and neck for almost 12-15 mins till it got dried up and then wiped it off with wet cotton. The ultimate effect I got was the youthful and healthy looking skin with a happy me inside happy skin :)

Overall Opinion:
Aryanveda Fruit Secrets Home Spa Line is worth giving a try for a home facial kit that doesn't dig a hole in your pocket and gives impressive results. I just wished the quantity to be little more so that a regular usage can prove its effectiveness visibly. Since I have used it only once and the kit has the enough quantity for one more usage, I expect better result in the next application as I specially loved the natural ingredients used to make the products. 

For more updates of their products, follow Facebook page of Aryanveda Herbals here


  1. Thanks dear.. I am going to try it :)

  2. Wow thats a good one Dear...Need to give it a try...Where can i buy it online ? ?

  3. That cleanser seems so good. This review tempts me a lot to try out Aryanveda brand.

  4. superb review - am tempted to try this reading your review :)

  5. Nice review. will definitely try one

  6. Nicely reviewed :)
    Aryanveda the brand name is very catchy isn't , Ingredients lists are tempting...woot woot herbal!! Would surely give this a try :)

  7. Nice review and within 185/- you get a good facial.

  8. Hey Shilpa, You have an amazing talent of finding precious gems from ordinary stones. So a big Thank you for letting everyone know about it too. I love everything you have to say about this Aryanveda Herbals Fruit Secrets Home Spa Line. The very beginning of your review made me happy where you mention about the free face wash yoohoo!!! Its like"Sone pe Suhaga!" And more over the line is natural which makes me happy too. I like ever thing about this kit like the quantity, texture(material), the packaging, the price, mild fragrance, ingredients & also the 2years time span for the expiry of the kit. I also feel it will suit my oily combination & sensitive skin type too. Would definitely like to give it try. So it a Thumps Up from me :)

    1. Hi Kavita

      I have been reading all your lovely comments these days, but couldn't reply due to extensive travelling. You have been one of the best readers who take time to express your heart out and help me know what you exactly feel about the posts. I appreciate your presence on my blog :)

      keep reading n commenting :)
      Much love

    2. Hey Shilpa,

      Thank you so much for the appreciation. I am glad you are liking my comments because it is coming out straight from my heart too :)


  9. nice review, I also recommend natural ingredient products than harsh chemical and I always find you supporting and giving review about natural products which make us also relay on them


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