Thursday 2 April 2015

Fuschia Strawberry Passion Handmade Lip Balm Review

A lip balm is usually considered as a winter essential, but what if you get chapped lips all the year long? Even I have noticed people whose lips start peeling off dried skin and remain sore most of the times. The lip balms with balanced ingredients can be their savior for sure. Even if you don't face the problem of chapped lips, I can see that the lip balms are a teen favourite ;) So I am going to review a fruity lip balm from Fuschia today in Strawberry Passion variant..

Product Description:
Delightfully portable & refreshing hydration for lips and body. These little jars are like your best friends - you can take them anywhere, and they'll never let you down! Perfect in a pinch for cuticles or elbows, or anywhere dry skin patches may appear. And of course, they keep your healthy lips smiling!

Natural Organic Lip Balm makes your Lips go smooth and silky, softened with the essential oils. Never greasy, never chalky, it absorbs and protects with the soothing benefit of organic beeswax. Our lip balm is not tested on animals, nor does it contain synthetic scents, flavors, parabens, or petroleum. 

Pucker up! Smooth, soothe and protect lips naturally. Shea butter, natural beeswax, vitamins and natural oils protect and nourish lips, leaving them kissable soft. Lip balms are for everyone! Whether you’re a school gal, college-goer, working woman, home maker or yeah…even if you’re a guy. 
Infused With 100% Natural & Vegetarian Ingredients. Shea Butter & Kokum Butter Blended With Vitamin E Provide Extra Moisture & Antioxidants.
  • Subtle & Soothing Fragrance of Natural Oils.
  • Moisturizes The Lips, Without Any Colour Retention.
  • Formulated To Rejuvenate And Keep Your Lips Supple.
  • Non Allergic
  • Free Of Parabens, Petroleum Base, Artificial Tints And Synthetic Perfumes.
  • Without Any Animal Testing
Price: Rs 225 for 8 gm 

Directions for use: Apply to lips any time to moisturize & protect. Can be used anywhere on the body, anytime.

The Fuschia Strawberry Passion Lip Balm comes in a small transparent plastic pot with tight screw lid. The lid makes the content safely sealed, and hence the packaging ensures no spillage.

My take on Strawberry Passion Lip Balm:
Strawberry Passion is a thick textured candy pink colored lip balm. The bright color as seen in the pot will not lend the same shade on your lips, as it is very very light pink tinted. So when you apply it on lips, the natural colour of lips is more glistened, thats it. And this is the reason that even men can apply it fearlessly.

It smells like strawberries and has similar flavour too.Since I personally am not a fan of strawberries even as a fruit, so can not appreciate the fragrance from my heart. But I am sure most people like the tempting smell arising out of this lip balm :)

The best thing I like about Fuschia lip balms is that they dont melt even at normal room temperature, and so can be left casually on your dressing table or in your handbag. 
The brand recommends to use this lip balm on any body part, but somehow I don't feel like applying it on arms, legs or anywhere else. Well Yes! I tried it to soften my knuckles and I found it effective.

The lip balm doesn't feel over-sticky, flaky or heavy on lips; yet provides moisture for around 2-3 hrs. So may need to be re-applied twice or thrice. Overall, my lips feel soft, plump and slightly glossy while offering nourishment of Vitamins and natural oils. So I am satisfied with its performance. 

1. Cruelty Free.
2. Can be use as colorless base for Matte Lipsticks.
3. Non greasy.
4. Travel Friendly Packaging.
5. Price at par with many other brands.
6. Does not cause allergy or irritation.
7. Can be used by anyone. 
8. Easy Online Availability on many popular websites.
9. Can be applied on any part of body to cure dryness.
10. Smells Nice.
11. Decent hydration.

1. Packaging can be redesigned in stick/bullet form.
2. Ingredients list should have been printed on packaging.
3. Not seen being sold at departmental stores.
4. Needs reapplication for whole day hydration of lips.


  1. Stsarberry is my fav fruit and i really like that flavour in evrything, But it can be applied to any body part, is it true?

    1. ofcourse it is true. and u will smell delicious when u apply it ;)

  2. Dying to try this out- hope I win it :)


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