Sunday 12 April 2015

Ethicare Remedies UVMed Sunscreen Gel Review

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Today I am reviewing a product that is a must-have in scorching summers... I am talking about Ethicare Remedies UVMed Sunscreen Gel with enough SPF content to help you hug summer with a confident feel ;)

Product Insights:
UVMDE Tinted Sunscreen gel, Tinted Sunscreen With Matte Formula, Non sticky, Oil Free, Non comedogenic, Fragrance Free, Hypo Allergenic Gel With very High SPF 50 UVB & UVA Protection, Double water proofing actives.
Key Ingredients:
Homosalate, Octyl Salicylate, Octrocrylene, Avobenzone, Benzophenone-3 and Tinosorb-M.

Other ingredients:
D.M. Water, Glycerine, Ceto Steryl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, EGMS, Emulsifying Wax, Silicon Oil, CCTG, Bees Wax, PVP Polymer, Cetearyl Alcohol and Dicetyl Phosphate and Ceteth-10 phosphate, Kokum Butter, Pottasium Cetyl Phosphate, Preservatives, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, EDTA, Gum Binder, GMS, Polysorbate 60.

Price: 310 for 50 ml
Shelf Life: 24 months

Packaging: The product comes in a sunny bright yellow plastic tube. The tube is encased in outer carton that displays an elaborated product info printed on it and also shows the tube through a transparent sheet in the front. 
The tube has flip-open cap that shuts tightly. The small nozzle at top of the tube makes sure that the right amount is squeezed out of the tube. The tube is very convenient to carry since its light weight. The tube packaging is always my preferred choice as these are more hygienic option than tub/jar packaging.  
My Experience: It is a pale pinkish brown coloured cream (not gel) which gets absorbed to the skin within seconds. I needed not to blend it by rubbing vigorously. It does not leave behind any whitish cast on skin post application. The skin remains oil free for a good 2-3 hours without any greasy feeling at all. But I won't call it a 'gel' as mentioned in product description, because it is very much similar to a non-viscous cream.
Talking about the fragrance, the product description says that no perfume has been used in it and it is Fragrance Free, but I could not agree to this claim. There is quite noticeable fragrance in the product that doesn't fade away very soon.

My skin usually experiences mild sweating whenever I apply sunscreens, but UVMed didn't cause any such problem to me and it made me really happy with the product.

The higher SPF 50 content in the sunscreen makes it suitable to provide protection to the skin from both UVA & UVB rays.

  • Provides broad-spectrum sun protection with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.
  • Gentle formula loaded with antioxidants for an additional measure of environmental protection.
  • Water Resistant.
  • Sufficient SPF content.
  • Gives no whitish caste on skin.
  • Oil-free formulation.
  • Can be used all through the year.
  • Hygienic and travel friendly packaging. 
  • Not Fragrance-free as it claims. (but i liked the smell)
  • Cannot be called a 'gel', as it is like usual creams.
  • Bit expensive for its quantity. but is good value for money considering SPF 50 in it. 
Final word:
Ethicare Remedies UVMed Sunscreen Gel definitely is not a fragrance-free gel as claimed, but is effective for the purpose it has been created for by providing a skin shield from sun tan this summer season :)


  1. Wow Thanks a lot for the review..will definitely try it out this summers.... :)

  2. Very organised review and Thanks for giving us your genuine review.

  3. I have tried this and yess its oil free and the best part is thhat its non greasy, i dont like greasy products. Thanx for ur review

  4. will be trying this out based on your review

  5. Nice review, surly ought to try this. also I was wondering what does tinted mean here.

  6. Hey Shilpa, I completely agree with your Pro's & Con's & give you 10/10 for it. I had received a sample kit of this brand from your blog contest itself in which I got to try out this Sunscreen gel. At first when I saw this cream I was also like it's not gel like it is mentioned on the tube. I like the fragrance as I love products with a bit of fragrance & I too feel it is expensive. But it does work on my oily combination skin & I was happy with it :) And Thanks to you I got an opportunity to try it out.


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