Monday 27 April 2015

Hey, Now 'Fashion' has got personal !!

At one time or another; looking at someone's obsolete dressing style, you might have said, “oops, that looks 100 years old.” But believe me or not; there was a time when 'fashion' was not something with which an ordinary person could ever relate to... 

Even I have happy memories of my childhood days seeing my stay-at-home mom sewing lovely frocks for me n my sisters out of fabric remnants when we were growing up... Most of the times, we the sisters, used to feel happy wearing same frocks without any feeling of awkwardness (like the cute pic below). Well the truth is that we hardly ever thought of buying any designer clothes or branded outfits. We were actually not dying for 'real' labels on our dresses.
But the entire economics of home-sewn clothing changed the day when that poor female tailor settled her workstation with a paddled sewing machine in our lane. The lady simply wanted to use her skills to earn her livelihood. Ultimately my family also became a part of the community who dared to get the stitch-fixed outside the boundaries of house with some novel ideas except for the occasional purchased piece. 

Gradually, the yester-years' fashion story evolved due to the constant changes in the world around us. The fashion of present day gives us more freedom than ever. Today's fashion is dramatically influenced by worldwide events. None of us wants to look same as of other person. Everybody is struggling to make his/her mark in the world of fashionistas. At times, I wonder how major fashion trends get hot n hotter & suddenly cool off and then heat up once again after passage of time. Isn't it a marvelous feeling to witness this cyclical trend of fashion...

Atleast I enjoy speaking of fashion and flaunting it in my way. Though I keep a check on my spending to avoid digging a hole in my wallet because fashion has been called as the force behind most discretionary spending ;) But how can I stop myself getting inspired from extravagantly embellished dressing n accessories of popular celebs of typical Indian cinema (female instinct you see) ;) 

Even I manage to spare some leisurely moments at work to flip my fav online portals like flipkart, myntra, snapdeal etc on my laptop to quickly check out the lucrative deals and order some cool stuff for myself. In recent times, the smartphone apps technology has actually turned smartphone users into smart shoppers as well. I have also got some wonderful shopping apps on my mobile like myntra, and make a point to explore it especially when a deal notification beeps & excites me to the core.
I admit myself being mobile app shopaholic now :P Its not because of the increased comfort level, but because I value my precious time too. The mobile shopping apps help me take informed decisions because I always compare product prices, read buyers' reviews and even get feedback on social media while shopping. Though a nominal shipping cost is payable, I am pleased to use mobile apps to bypass sales people in retail stores. 

Just one caution that I personally take and also suggest to every online buyer to make their shopping experience pleasant, is to be aware of shopping ethics and protect yourself from problems like hacking and identity theft.

Overall, the mobile apps are the next best thing that is the future of personalized shopping-on-the-go that promises to deliver whenever and wherever you want, because when you think of fashion, trust me #ItsPersonal now :)


  1. Same pinch ! I'm also a big mobile app shopaholic, same as you :)

  2. Wow Shilpa, I just became nostalgic after reading your review. I too remember how my mom used to stitch clothes for me when I was a kid. And I used to be so happy about it. I must say though it was stitched by my mom at home yet the dress used to be so strong I mean not a single stitch would come out. I still have a few dresses of mine of my childhood & I must say they are as good as new & strong. Coming to the apps nowadays for shopping online, it has definitely become a life saver. And I love it as it saves my time, energy, & most importantly my money too & I do all that sitting comfortably at my home. Though I shop only from reputed sites like flipkart, nykaa, snapdeal etc for the purpose of security as you too have mentioned the same. That's the top most priority when it comes to shopping online. But I completely agree with you that when it comes to fashion #ItsPersonal now for sure :)

  3. I remember my aunt stitch dresses for me, i was so in love with them that even today I ask my mom why you did not keep all those dresses. Coming to the shopping apps that we have today it saves us a lot in terms of time and money, and we can shop on the go

  4. wow shilpa great one..thanks a lot for making me go back to my childhood days.... I still have few dresses with me..I knw i cant fit in it but its a last memory from my mom..cant throw it off...Well now a days everything has been changed even a 8 year old comes up and says "no i want that dress with lace no no i want yellow skirt with white top which deepika worn in that film hahahaha " days changed,technology changed and even fashion has been changed...

  5. Initially i was also in my 90s and remember those oufit which had been swen by my mother. Well very frankly speaking i do t have any shopping app in my mobile

  6. Hi shilpa,
    Very nice post!!
    Lots of nostalgic memories!!
    You know when I was a kid, I don't brands but will never compromise design, when I was 1 year old my uncle who was a wedding clothes designer in dubai sent me a frock that was stitched using 12mts of cloth!! Though it doesn't fit me now, I have it and it is one of my prized possession!!
    From then till now, im not a brandaholic but I give importance to how it looks on me :) ;)
    I do shop in malls, online stores, branded showrooms and from street vendors too coz when it comes to fashion #ItsPersonal :) :) :)

  7. I'm also a big mobile app shopaholic but still I love to buy things in market as I have always have size problem and material, i love to touch feel and then buy. most of time what is seen in site are not same. atleast I do not prefer clothing shopping online


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