Wednesday 14 October 2015

Vegetal Hair Conditioner Review

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In today's post, I have the third product from Vegetal product range to review, after I am done with reviews of their Face pack and Moisturizing Lotion.

Vegetal Hair Conditioner is a pure blend of bio-active extracts for hair and scalp which provide intensive conditioning to dry, frizzy or damaged hair. Acacia concinna (Shikakai) extract enriched with citric and ascorbic acids promote hair follicle activity. Vitamin C of Citrus limon works as a natural conditioner for strengthening of hair roots and increases silky shine of hair.
Emblica Officinalis (Amla) fruit extract: Amla prevents premature graying of hair and makes them strong and free from dandruff.
Lawsonia inermis (Henna) leave extract: Promising antibacterial properties.
Acacia concinna (Shikakai) fruit extract: Nourishes the hair follicles to promote hair growth. 
Citrus limon (Lemon) fruit extract: Rich source of Vitamin C and citric acid which provide a natural acidic rinse, and help to achieve the perfect shiny and shimmery look.
Usage: Instantly conditioning and shining to dry, frizzy or damaged hair

Direction for Use: Massage gently on scalp in a circular motion after shampooing. Best for dry, lifeless hair and hair loss. 

Price: Rs. 359
Qty: 200 ml
Shelf Life: 2 yrs.
The Vegetal Hair Conditioner comes in a off white color bottle identical to their Moisturizing lotion packaging which I reviewed. It has a flip open cap in the same color. The cap shuts tightly, so makes the packaging spill proof and travel friendly. 

My Experience:
The Vegetal hair conditioner is a viscous liquid of white color. The consistency of the conditioner makes it apt to play around with it when you massage it on damp hair.
Rubbing the conditioner between you palms and then massaging it onto hair shaft is quite an smooth job with this creamy conditioner. I rinse my hair off after keeping the conditioner on for almost 4-5 minutes after shampoo. Its easy to wash away and doesn't leave any greasy after effects on my hair. As a result, the hair length doesn't weigh down post washing.
It makes the hair more manageable with lesser tangles to handle. I also noticed that the itching on my scalp that was persisting for last few days has almost vanished with its continuous use. I can vouch for the effectiveness of its worthy ingredients specially lemon and heena. Right now, My hair n scalp are free from dandruff, but I expect this conditioner will be of great help due to amla in it, when the dandruff appears during winters as I can't dare to use fresh water for head bath and need to use lukewarm water which results in dandruff in my hair. 

The conditioner is nicely fragrant and uplifts my mood during every use. The lovely fragrance is captured in hair for good many hours as I prefer to tie them in a plait or ponytail after they get dry. The fragrance refreshes my mood with its presence as soon as I open my hair even after hours. I am glad to experience softness n shine in my frizz-free hair. 

1. Bio Active extract of Amla, Shiakaki & Lemon
2. Intensive conditioning for dry, frizzy or damaged hair
3. Keeps hair tangle free, manageable & lustrous
4. 100% Bio-natural extracts
5. for All Hair types
6. Smells too good.
7. Travel friendly packing.


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  1. Thanks dear for lovely review

  2. Your review says its an amazing product but yes little expensive

  3. Shiakaki as an ingredient in a shampoo. Actually, I was looking for this kind of a herbal mix of shampoo only. I think this shampoo and conditioner will really give good results to our hair.

  4. a lot of vitamin c which is good. No harsh chemicals. That's also positive. I think if it works then expense can be tolarated. after all everybody wants healthy hair. well reviewed.

  5. looks like a nice product, but its little costly.

  6. Can you suggest how to exactly use it? My hair gets very dry and frizzy after using it. It says to apply on scalp but conditioners basically should be on hair right+


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