Thursday 8 October 2015

Seduction Las Vegas Lipstick Review - Shade 01 (Glossy Pink)

Hello everyone !

Unlike my usual skin care products reviews, today I am reviewing my fav makeup item from SLV. If the name sounds new to you, here is a brief about it..

Brand Info:
SLV (Seduction Las Vegas) is an international premium quality brand for the √©lite, committed to the highest quality products and well being of customers. Its highly reputed industry associations help it assure high quality and a broad range of safe and innovative products. 
Seduction Las Vegas (SLV) represents theme of romance, mystery and exotic destinations of Las Vegas. SLV is associated with the passion to play with colors and explore ones inner beauty. SLV, as a brand believes that fashion is incomplete unless it is used as a form of seduction. Image, Style, Look. Call it what you want and SLV expresses it through its seductive colors. After all, style is all about you! Sensational makeup embodies seduction, so pick up your seductive colour today!

Product Info:
I got a ravishing lipstick from SLV in Glossy Pink (Shade 01). The lipsticks at SLV are available in 18 beautiful shades to choose from and are claimed to have vegetarian ingredients. Every single shade seems to be the best lipstick in the town ;) 

Key Ingredients:
Castor Oil, White Bee Wax, Candelilla Wax, Carnauba Wax, Perfume. 
Product Packaging:
The lipstick comes in very humble black outer case. The brand name is printed in seductive font on the lipstick and I loved it. The cap shuts with a click and doesn't get unlocked very easily when its lying in your vanity kit with many other products.
You may find the shade number at the bottom of the lipstick case.
My take on the product:
The Glossy Pink is a very bright shade of pink that resembles fuschia tone a lot. I have been wanting a similar shade for really long since the day I discarded my previous lipstick. So I am quite happy that I got this shade of the lipstick.

The lipstick is easy to glide on lips and offers pretty good color in single swipe. But since I love brighter colors on my lips that enhance my skin tone, so I swiped it twice for deeper color. It has light shimmery effect which you notice after few minutes when the color settles properly on your lips.

You will smell a pleasant scent as you apply the lipstick which is not bothersome to me. I guess no one else would feel uncomfortable with its mild smell.
The SLV lipstick stayed on my lips for quite good number of hours. Infact I can boast of keeping most lipsticks intact of my lips for decent duration. And this one also remained on my lips in its true color for around 4+ hours between multiple intakes of liquids (either water or tea), though it transerred light stains on my cup. 
There is no dry feel on my lips post application, rather I liked its initially creamy and semi-matte kinda effect after a few minutes.
The lipstick color complimented my skin tone very well and I genuinely got compliments for looking fresh like a morning flower ;)
FDA India approved products.
Decently priced.
Beautiful 18 shades available.
Vegetarian ingredients.
Enriched with Castor Oil.
Stays on for decent time.
Smooth to glide on lips.

I wish the shade name should be mentioned along with the shade number for exact identification.

Wanna Buy?
If you are impressed with the product and are thinking of buying the same, its priced at just Rs. 180. You may mail at and mention my name "SHILPA BINDLISH" to avail FREE SHIPPING. 

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  1. Wow U reviewed it so nicely and covered each and every thing simply woow

  2. Its color is awesome and you explained it so well.
    Really its a drawback that the color name is not mentioned on the product... But it should be..

    1. Happy to know that U liked the review Bhawna :)

  3. Good review , Nice product at an affordable price.

  4. Colour is perfect for Indian Skin tone..Beautiful... :)

  5. The shade looks a lot like rose petals.

  6. Hey, this lipstick looks nice on your cute lips.


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