Friday 30 October 2015

A Gift of Care To Her : BeingJuliet Box

Gifts are often an expression of love. Today on this auspicious occasion of Karwa Chauth, I received a gift of care from my love. Is it a bouquet of mixed roses or an expensive outfit? Is it an extravagant piece of jewelry or a bagful of my fav makeup? Nope! this time, its something more than what I expected... I got a neatly packed gift box containing every sanitary essential needed by me in those 5 days of month. I was touched since he could understand my pain and had been so thoughtful choosing a unusual gift of love n care :)

Before I could open the box, I loved the cute name Being Juliet on the subscription box that instantly filled my heart with a feeling of pride that I am the Juliet of my Price Charming :)
Let me introduce you to the work model of Being Juliet quickly..Team ‘Being Juliet’ sends you your monthly supplies 5 days prior to your cycle to ensure you don’t have to look for last minute trips for periods shopping. You have the freedom to choose from the subscription period from 3 Months/ 6 months or 1 year. 

What's more! your subscription box is completely customized as per your preferences. You may choose the products, brand, quantity for your box. Not only you get the selected products, but there is a surprise element every time. Your box carries small thoughtful gifts/surprises and pain comforters each month to make you smile through pain :)

Excited to know what all I received in my box? 

Pain Relievers of the Month:
I got a little bottle of Azwain seeds that reminded me of mom who used to boil these for me during my period cycle for helping me prevent bloating. Thanks for the remedy team!

To provide antioxidants, my box contained sachets of handpicked green tea and Kashmiri Kahwa. Sipping these can relieve you from terrible pain.
Sanitation Essentials:
There are packs of intimate wipes and panty liners that are easy to carry and are specially formulated to maintain hygiene of your intimate area even after period days. 

Beauty Essentials: During these painful days, Team Being Juliet ensures neither your smile fades away nor the glow of your face. So they keep a skin care or makeup product in your box to cheer you up. And in my box, I got a nourishing under eye gel made from the brand Bio Bloom. Its made of cucumber juice, mint and green tea extract so as to soothe your puffy eyes and diminish sagging skin. Great Thought !
Mood Lifters: Though these are the days when you don't feel like dressing up and wear a pleasant smile. But how about decking up yourself with a pretty scarf that adds a hint of charm to your usual outfit :) I loved the scarf in my box which is in my fav green color and is too soft to wrap around my neck. Awesome Choice !
I am so impressed when I learned that there is a stylish pouch in my box that is meant for carrying my sanitary essential in public places. Thank God! I need not to cover n hide your sanitary pads in a newspaper or polybag now onwards. I am glad that it can easily fit my sanitation stuff in it and can be kept in my handbag.
Last but not the least, there are my preferred essentials in the box to indulge myself in safe and happy periods. And now I won't need the last minute period's shopping.
The Being Juliet Subscription boxes are priced quite decently and also yet another variant of subscription is offered called Being Jane. The prices for these are:
So here is what all was my Being Juliet treat ... And I expect some greater surprises in my boxes in upcoming months :) 
I am so relaxed to own a pampering gift box and if you want to gift yourself this happiness, you may visit Being Juliet or can contact them via whatsapp +91-9718866644 You may mention my unique referral code REF000552000498 as well.

Thumbs Up for the innovation team Being Juliet !!
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  1. Nice review , You have given detailed review of all products .

    1. Thanks dear. I try to cover maximum info in my reviews to make it valuable to my readers.

  2. I like the small pouch they gave the pads in.

    1. No no, the pads don't come in that pouch every time. Its one of the surprise gift they added in this month's box.

  3. nice contains all the items that are really very useful in those days of month. items are given in a travel friendly packaging and liked a lot that short pouch for sanitary needs. :)

    1. can't agree more Parul. I recommend every gal to subscribe this box for all required products packed together.


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