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Engaging myself in some craft work during leisurely time is my hobby. To be more precise, I should say it was a childhood practice in the family to reuse some old stuff in the best creative manner which gradually became my hobby :) 

But in the present scenario, when I'm more than occupied with my full-time job, household and blogging activities; I badly miss creating 'wealth out of waste'. Many a times, the thought of giving up my stressful job and then shifting to a joyous craft business knocks my head which are pricked like a bubble with the apprehensions like whom to sell, how much to invest and ofcourse how much rewards would it generate.

Motivated by such thoughts, when I was seeking some information over internet relevant to my situation, scooped out as a super impressive website that helps entrepreneurs, artists, DIY creatives to generate an income by selling what they make.
Opening an online showroom of your own on to start your business without any extensive training or extra-ordinary skillset has become much easier now. Exhibiting your original handmade items, fashion accessories, woodwork, glass work, homeware, or whatever you create is the job of few hassle-free clicks.

Hey! but did I mention, being an owner of your own place and escalating the demand of your stuff is completely FREE for users. You need not to give up any fee or commission to set up your shop here. Three cheers for the good work!!

To the craft enthusiast like me, did you ever visit any craft fairs or exhibitions in your town? If yes, I'm sure you must have experienced that feeling of inspiration that comes seeing the craft work of others.. Here on, I found a Community tab that is a great way to connect yourself with creative minds from the rest of the world. You may avail advantage of Group and Forum membership and exchange useful ideas with like-minded people in the industry by extending your business network.
Last but not the least, I can anticipate that many of my readers who, by now might have made up their mind to explore the site, would be wondering whether this opportunity holds beneficial for people from India as well? Well, YES! Since is a global platform uniting small business enthusiasts, no matter which country you belong to, everyone is welcome to engage in the conversation. 
Infact, there is People tab which lets you search members or showrooms for your preferred location/country. 

The crux of my review says its a fantastic idea to Sign Up on the site that understands your small business's needs and actually is a good place to look for inspiration for your upcoming DIY projects. Turn your passion into a successful business venture on this one-of-a-kind website :)


  1. Nice review , will surely explore this site .Thanks for sharing.

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