Friday 2 October 2015

Multipurpose Pure Almond Oil From Mitti Se

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Today there is a review of a multipurpose product, which doesn't come from beauty care product categories, still guarantees you ultimate results :) I will review Pure Almond Oil from the product range of Mitti Se whose products have been purely nature based.

Product Info:
Pure Almond Oil can be used for skin care, hair care or edible purposes. It nourishes skin deeply, works as a good moisturiser. Massaging a few drops of oil into the scalp gives a healthy gow to hair, makes hair stronger. Good for digestion, can be used as a mild laxative. Safe for infants.
Price: Rs 220 for 50 ml
Shelf life: 3 yrs
Contains: Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E. 
Packaging: The Mitti Se Pure Almond Oil comes in a transparent square plastic bottle. The bottle cap is a flip open kind of cap that helps to easily take required drops of oil from the hole pierced in it. I truly loved the covering on the cap with bio-degradable cloth tied with strings of thread beautifully. It instantly makes you feel connected to nature. 
My take on the product:
Before I share my experience on how I used it, let me make a point here to mention that the pure almond oil is different from bitter almond essential oil. 
Pure almond oil, as we all know, is one of the best beauty aid for versatile purposes. It can be used as a skin moisturizer, hair nourisher or even for culinary purposes too.
Pure Almond Oil is a mild oil which can be used for massage purposes. I preferably apply it after the shower since it is light and easily absorbed by my dry skin. It is a moderately light greasy lubricant that makes the skin baby soft :) Also this pure almond oil is naturally rich in Vitamins A, B and E that I usually look for in skin care products and that is why it ensures to keep my skin young and supple. I am retaining some of its quantity for upcoming winter season to keep my flaky skin in check. 
I also have noticed visible reduction in my dark circle after applying it under my eyes every night for almost two weeks. I leave the oil on the delicate skin overnight after a gentle massage and it really works wonders.
I would recommend a regular massage with pure almond oil to beauties who suffer from chapped lips and to those who want their nails to grow stronger. 
Talking about hair care, the almond oil gives optimum result when applied on scalp after shampooing. It helps to restore the natural oil of scalp that gets imbalanced due to harsh shampoos. At times, I use it as a leave-on hair serum by rubbing few drops between my palms and coating entire length of my hair evenly for a nice shine :)
Pure Almond Oil can be added to our salad dressing, baked stuff and in vegetable dips for a healthy intake. Though it is not very flaourful, but has a mild nutty smell so I suggest to use it only when suits your taste or cooking method. 
Pure or sweet almond oil is actually magic in a bottle. Encapsulated with multitude of benefits, it is sure to make its place in every household.

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  1. It seems its a wonderfull product

  2. Replies
    1. Its pure almond oil dear..who doesn't know how much almonds cost ;)

  3. No doubt in it Almond oil do miracles on skin. You have reviewed this product so well.
    Can I apply on my skin because I have an oily skin? and very specific I want to apply it under my eyes.

    1. Yes Bhawna. You just need to have a drop of two to apply under ur eyes. So oily skin won't matter much. But if u wish to use it on entire face, then a bit of extra care is to be taken so that it doesn't break ur skin out.

  4. Is it good to use as leave-in serum? Won't the oil attract dirt and pollutants?

    1. Not exactly, the stickiness of this oil is just similar to the usual serums. It gets absrorbed in few minutes after applying.

  5. Sounds like a nice oil and good to hear that it works on dark circles.

    1. Its an old remedy to use almond oil for multiple benefits, and it definitely works :)

  6. So many benefits in a single oil ! That's great !!! It's a must have product, truly.


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