Tuesday 27 October 2015

Anherb Oatmeal Scrub Review


I have been using some premium products from Anherb since many months. Not any product has created any issue, but gave me wonderful results as promised by the product. 

Recently the brand launched some more products and I got to lay my hands on few of them. Today's review is on the Oatmeal Scrub that I am using for almost a week or so. 

Product Info:
Anherb Oatmeal Scrub is a unique blend of natural exfoliate & premium ingredients which unclog pores & gently scrubs away dead cells, black heads & impurities – Leaving your skin smooth, fairer, fresh & healthy.
It contains Oatmeal, Almond Shell Powder, Golden Pearl, Honey.
Oatmeal : 100% Natural Exfoliate - firms & smoothen skin texture.
Almond Shell Powder : 100% Natural exfoliate – removes black & white head.
Golden Pearl : Provide Blemish free, glowing, youthful look.
Honey : Imparts nourishment & moisturization.

Price: Rs. 225 (available at discounted price right now)
Qty: 150 gm
Shelf Life: 3 yrs

How to use: Moisten the desired area & then apply with fingertips. Massage gently avoiding area around the eyes. Rinse well & pat dry.
The Anherb Oatmeal Scrub comes in a milky white squeeze tube packaging with saffron color flip cap on it. The cap shuts with a click and doesn't tend to get loose. The nozzle on the cap helps to dispense sufficient quantity with total ease. The tube gives you complete description about usage, ingredients etc. The packaging is much more hygienic than jar packs.
My take on the product:
Being infused with key ingredient oatmeal, the scrub is meant to be used for dual purpose as a moisturizer and scrub. The scrub is pale brown in color. The dark brown granules are clearly visible in the paste. The granules are not very coarse and actually feel on your skin with gentle rubbing also. The scrub is not a soapy one and you will not notice any foam formation while massaging on your wet skin. I can notice the cleaner and glowing skin post usage.

The scrub will also be liked more by oily and normal skin people in my opinion. Since mine is dry skin , I felt little dryness after rinsing it off. Despite any stretchy feel on my skin, I follow it up by wearing a layer of mild moisturizer to lock some skin hydration in and my skin felt softer for longer. For others, I believe the honey as a natural antibacterial and healing agent will provide a light, non greasy, soothing nourishment to the skin. 
The scrub smells very nice and feels even more refreshing when it adds to the squeaky clean feel on the skin. The scrub works against whiteheads very well due to Almond Shell Powder infused in the scrub. The blackheads also get reduced, but don't go completely. May be after few more days, there is better effect. I recommend its usage every alternate day for silky smooth skin. This scrub promises moisturized, problem free, youthful skin with a nourishing formulation, so it will be particularly useful during the cold winter months when skin tends to get dry and irritated. 

Meant for all skin types.
Easy to carry packaging.
Not foamy like a soap based formula.
No harsh granules to hurt skin.
Not so expensive.
Sloughs dead skin away.
Works well to reduce whiteheads n blackheads.
Smells good.


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  1. Thanks for introducing me to a wonderful brand
    Visited their web-site
    will be ordering

  2. Sounds nice. Its great that it works well on blackheads and whiteheads.


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