Tuesday 13 October 2015

What's been brewing at Assam 1860

Hello friends

How about sharing my experience of an aromatic tea brand today!!

Assam 1860, is the highest quality gourmet black tea brand from James Warren Tea Estates. They have a 150 years of expertise and strive to make every cup count. They source all their tea from the family-owned tea estates of James Warren in the south bank of Assam. The estates have been looked after by generations of tea artisans, producing the best quality of black tea in the world. The brand feels it is their duty to ensure that all Indians can enjoy a better cup of tea by showcasing our country’s high quality tea across the world, which is possible through their unblended, garden fresh tea from single origin. By having their own estates and packaging facilities, they cut out unnecessary middlemen.
The pack of refreshing Assam black tea came in a green n black cardboard box with lovely images, conveying the message of brand vision n mission "Tea As It Should Be". 
The tea lovers who are keen to know the nutritional facts of their cuppa will feel glad to read the complete info on the outer box...
The price is not mentioned on the pack I received..The same can be inquired by following them  while placing an order.
The boxed package contained 25 tea bags. Every single tea bag is again sealed in individual packets to retain aroma, freshness n flavour. 
I found the pics on either side of the packet so cute showing an Indian woman plucking n accumulating the tea leaves so lovingly with a smile on her face. 

I bet you might not have seen such thoughtfully hand stitched tea bags that made me admire the brand efforts to stay unparalleled in the industry.
Coming to the taste n aroma, I would say I belong to a family that follow the tradition of counted number of cups of tea per day; one in the morning with breakfast and then in the evening with light snacks. Unlike many Indian families where I have seen tea is accepted as many times as it is offered, my family members have been very particular with the tea rituals since ages. So it is but obvious that no one is ready to compromise in the flavour, quality, aroma of their tea ever.

On being contacted by Assam 1860 for tea review, I knew who can help me judge it the best possible way...my hubby ;) My hubby is born-critic when it comes to his cup of tea, that must be piping hot, & oozing out refreshing fragrance to calm him down after a tiring day at work. He is ready to sacrifice everything to spare those few moments of togetherness that we share over a cup of tea with each other <3  

Assam 1860 is brewing up a storm..." is what my hubby could say as he sipped his morning tea made with today . The deep golden brown hued drink mixed with spoonful of honey seemed enticing his taste buds as it touched our tongues. Starting the day with a unique, rich, malty flavoured tea is nothing but pure bliss! 
The Assam 1860 tea made me like the black tea equivalent to my usual tea with milk n sweetener. We enjoyed having Assam 1860 as our new companion for tea times for being the finest blend of flavour n aroma!

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  1. sounds wonderful
    thank to you I came across such a new gr8 brand of tea

  2. Nice post , Good to know about a new brand .

  3. Assam tea is quite famous, this brand is new but soon take it's esteem position in market.

  4. Lovely review you covered all the info regarding the product

  5. Hats of to you so nicely reviewed

  6. Thanks for introducing us to this new brand... But I am unable to access their website link... It redirects to some password page...

  7. Awesome product ! Does it help in weight loss ?

  8. I love the packaging... it gives it a character.


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