Sunday 25 October 2015

I Gifted Him My Signature Accessory : A Smile

What's in a smile?
Well, a smile has an amazing curative power that can heal every wound. Making someone smile and brightening their day is one of the most generous things one can do. And when this smile is an innocent one coming from your li'l one, no other joy can fill your heart with the biggest contentment. After a new life is born out of your flesh, you strive to see him smile and the day when he gives you one for the first time becomes the most memorable day of your life. Almost subconsciously, you promise to yourself to give up everything in life to make his smile stick on his face forever and ever...

Quite often, I am burdened with my work commitments and do not get much time to devote to my family..oh! it hurts my li'l boy when he seeks my attention and finds me occupied with my assignments. I feel miserable to see him sad and disheartened, but barely can do any compromise in my work :( 

Recently I brought some tasty McCain snacks home and handed over the packs to my boy who loves having crunchy eatables with his evening dose of milk. 
I guess you all can imagine how this foodie could have felt holdingthis big pack of many variants of McCain Snacks. 
Every single day is now a feast at my home. I feel its pretty easy thing to put a smile on someone face by serving him the food of his liking. I have been enjoying his naughty yet creative ideas on how to present his McCain snacks in different ways every time. 
A variety of delicious seasoned chunks on his plate just make him go crazy..look at the mischief-monger ..
OMG!! It can't be tolerated that any of the McCain snacks' variants gets over coz how would he satiate the hungry monster hidden in his li'l tummy ;)  
But mommy has the guts not to get your smile disappear from your face baby.. So here goes our McCain artistic creation to freshen up your mood :) 
aww, the taste of these crispy snacks is as good as the love hidden in my hug or a kiss to my boy. A golden bite is here to make our life sunny and dictate another chapter of childhood stories with McCain :)

Watch this clip to know more about how to make McCain a reason of someone's smile :D


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