Wednesday 21 October 2015

Being With nature is Real Togetherness

Who doesn't want to earn money? We all toil so hard every single day to accumulate more and more in our custody. The increasing zeros in your bank account balance make your heart skip a beat at times. A timely smile spreads on your face giving you a contentment that now the world is under your feet and you may own every happiness of this universe. Yes, as a part of growing nation, we all feel proud to achieve our goals, but aren't our goals themselves misleading? Don't you feel sometimes that something as essential as breathing is getting away from our lives??

The joy of companionship which comes from #RealTogetherness.

Infact I myself feel awaken coming across this thoughtful advert by @KissanIndia

As a parent, I feel proud when I race Monday to Friday to enroll him in innovative activities every time... I feel myself winning over the world when my child excels in a competition where he speaks about Digital Age...I find every happiness inferior when he gives me solutions to engineering hassles at home...BUT 

The fact that he needs to be friends with his surroundings is not even in our priorities. As a parent who realized the importance of coming closer to nature today, I open the closed windows of my house and my mental barriers to raise my child in a more elated world.

I know he can learn musical notes from his music teacher, but its that gentle sound of waterfall coming down from hills that can make his heart beat for a musical rhythm. I believe he can draw a beautiful landscape in his drawing book, but how about looking at the clouds in the sky and spending time drawing virtual figures with fingers to enhance imaginative thinking in a child.

The outside world is seamlessly beautiful in every sense. The moments we all spend together in company of nature actually help to form a well-defined meaning of togetherness. Our over-scheduled work timings that chip away leisure moments from our lives can be so constructively compensated if we nurture our affinity for the natural world. I thoroughly believe that most of our problems like depression, home-sickness etc can be instantly cured if one immerses himself in lap of nature.
#RealTogetherness is not in confining ourselves to gadget world, but is in being ONE with nature. So, lets run ourselves loose, kick our stress away, develop social acquaintance and smile more with the world so green. Let's strive for healthier and happier life that boasts of green patches in our homes and in neighbourhood. Nature is to make our hands full of fruits of efforts that every human can incorporate in his life. Nature is as vital to everyone's soul as nutritious food for body.

Explore some goodness of Nature on your journey towards Kissanpur :)

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