Tuesday 23 June 2015

Wild Essence Face Pack from Mitti Se

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I have been talking about herbal, vegan products for many months. Initially I thought I know most of the names in the field. But frankly, I get to know about one of the other name every now n then and I feel pleasantly surprised to witness the awareness on the issue of skipping use of toxic products from our lives.
Today I am introducing you to "Mitti Se", a new name in the world of natural body care which actually attracted me first with its simple name that resonated purity :)

About the Brand: 
Mitti Se is a name offering pure & natural body care and cleaning products that are free from Toxic chemicals Mitti Se means 'From the Earth'. Their goal is to make our homes, our lifestyles and Earth safer. They provide affordable alternatives to reduce dependence on harmful & unsustainable chemicals.

Names behind the Brand:
The venture is handled a team of specialists in the field namely Tuba (A Bio-Technology professional), Arun (practitioner in Ayurvedic medicines), Fakhra (Personality Development trainer passionate for traditional healthcare practices), Sadhan (a specialist in traditional and modern systems of healing), Faiz (Oils and Chemical technology professional), Rafi (Computer Engg dealing with marketing, technical business aspects)

About the Product:
Fights acne with regular use, removes suntan, rejuvenates cells and imparts a glow. Mix 1 tsp in raw milk (dry skin) or rose water or plain water (normal/oily skin). Apply on wet face & neck and massage gently. Rinse with water without using soap. Can be used daily as an instant face wash or as a mask twice a week where paste can be applied, and left on till dry.
Ingredients: Lata Gulab, Desi Gulab, Java Plant, Jata Maasi, Sugandhbala.

Price: Rs 190 for 40g.
The Wild Essence face pack comes in a jar packing with a screw cap on the top. There is an inner disc as well. The lid has a sticker with brand and product names on it. And the label around the packaging gives complete detail about its ingredients, price. shelf life etc.

My Experience:
The face pack is not in cream or gel form as you might be expecting, but it is in powdered form. This might be because the brand has recommended to apply it on all skin types with little variation in application method. The Wild Essence face pack can be applied mixed with Rose Water for by normal skin to oily skin. But the people who have dry skin like me are advised to apply the face pack mixed with raw unboiled milk. So I liked that this face pack will be suitable for all skin types. 

It is finely milled powder of light beige brown color. During my first application, I mixed it in raw milk to make a paste of moderate consistency and scrubbed gently it on my face because it can be used as a mild scrub. 
My basic purpose of choosing this face pack has been tan removal. So I continued using it as a scrub for few days on my face that is slightly affected from suntan. I always extend the scrubbing to the neck area also to clear the dirt and grime that rests on uncovered skin.  The skin does not get hurt as there is no harsh granules in it. 
Next I tried using it as a thicker paste to be applied as pack. It takes almost ten mins to get dried. I felt no stretching or irritation of skin while it was on my skin. I felt happy that the pack gives soft n clean feel to the skin. Another plus can be for those who dont like stronger scents. This face pack has soothing fragrance that doesn't stay for long. After a regular use of more than ten days, I may notice lightening of tan to some extent which I expect to totally vanish in another few days.
Since I used the pack with milk, it didn't make the skin drier and I can see a nice glow and improved complexion of my face post application. So my overall experience is a good one. 

Soothing scent.
Sturdy packaging.
Suitable to all skin types.
Gives no stretchy feel to skin.
Works on suntan effectively.
Wide online availability.

Slightly expensive for its quantity.

I liked the effect of Wild Essence Face Pack on my dry skin that doesn't strip off natural oil from my skin when used with milk. I have no acne problem, so cannot say how effective will that be on acne prone skin. But those who care for their delicate skin and want to shift from chemical based products to nature based, this product is worth trying!!


  1. It removes tan too ! Wow ! I must say it is a nice face pack which also is suitable for all skin types. 😁👍 I really wanted to know about how it effects acne. Thanks for the informative review. 👍

  2. very nice review!!! will try it for my acnes

  3. Good review and the product seems good .How do you come to know about so many new brands dear ??

  4. can't believe I missed reading this
    sounds like an awesome pack

  5. Thanks Shilpa for reviewing and all others for appreciating. Now we have some more new and improved products. You guys must have a look.
    Thanks again


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