Friday 19 June 2015

Summer Swagger For My Dandy Dad On Father's Day

Parenthood is a relationship by choice when a couple makes a commitment to each other to bring a new life in their world and get ready to share a responsibility.. Most people would think the female partner to be more attached to the new born and bearing more sense of an awesome responsibility that is greater than any ever experienced. But that may not be the reality in many cases..My dad, when got tied in this unbreakable bond, happily adjusted his schedule and sacrificed his personal space to respect this newly experienced relationship with his baby :)

But mind you, I am here talking about the man who cared for how he presents himself to the world. Having a baby could never push dressing sharp to the back burner for him ;) I grew up noticing him put effort to dress sharp with lot of patience and accept no variation in his style statement. But daddies don't always meet daughter's standards. I remember myself frown or look dubious until he sweetly asked what was wrong and I would answer "Why don’t you wear the darker color shirt, instead? Gray makes you look older.” The humble man would never show disapproval or disgust to his darling daughter and gladly come back in new avatar with appropriate expressions. That feeling of being taken seriously always thrilled me and filled my heart with sheer pride :)
A Law Practitioner by profession, my dad always loves to dress respectfully even on holidays and leaves no room to debate to be seen in unruly looks. Thank God! Father's Day falls on a Sunday and I won't be seeing him in the professional dress code of the Bar Association the whole day :P So I have customized my dad's summer swagger exclusively for his special day i.e Father's Day..

Casual yet suave, that's how the man with power dresses himself for the weekend...I wish to give his Sunday casuals a complete makeover with this La Seven Peach Linen Slim Fit Casual Shirt to leave the right impression. And of course, it is the time to get rid of those formal trousers he struggles with the whole week and tuck his comfy shirt in a pair of lightweight Nautica Coffee Chinos, no matter where we go to celebrate the occasion around town. A pair of tan loafers by Hitz is a nice way to finish the ensemble. Nope! I want to add up some essential accessories also to elevate his subtle style quotient. He cannot refuse accentuating himself with a Chronograph Watch from Citizen and soothing sunnies from Michael Kors.

There is no denying to the fact that dressing my quintessential #DandyDad up takes real extra effort, but the confidence and competence he displays in presenting himself matter to me a lot, and I always rely on that is typical one-stop solution to all our dressing and grooming needs. 
I am excited to gift my dad what my heart desires. Have you shopped for your doting dad? If not, quickly explore or download their mobile app to enjoy upto 80% off till midnight before it gets too late...because it feels more special to gift those who never ask for :)

Happy Fathers' day to all adorable dads!!


  1. This is such a cute post. <3 Daddies sacrifice so much for us. They deserve a special and thoughtful gift at this day.

  2. very nice post!!! specially I liked the starting few paragraph, I am sure no one would be able to think of these lines when we write about our parents,


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