Sunday 7 June 2015

Ethicare Remedies Nutraclin Neutral pH Cleanser Review

Summer calls for a refreshing bath as you step in after bearing the harshness of sun on your skin. There are many bathing bars available in the market that give you temporary relief from sweat, body odor and heat; but how far the goodness of these bath and body products remain as good as it actually claims.

See, showering is a daily habit and the decision to choose right toiletries can save you from alarming situations very easily. I personally prefer a liquid cleanser over soap bars for the reason that there is a risk of transmitting bacteria. So today I am sharing my experience with an affordable yet effective cleanser i.e. Nutraclin pH Cleanser from one my favourite brand Ethicare Remedies :)

What I liked about Ethicare Remedies Nutraclin pH Cleanser :

Packaging: The liquid cleanser is sealed in a sturdy plastic bottle. The Flip open cap shuts tighty and preserves the content. The nozzle pierced on the top of the bottle helps to take out desired quantity conveniently. The bottle is apt to carry around due to its flattened shape. I liked the bright blue floral print on the bottle too that seems silver colored from see-through liquid :)

Aroma: The cleanser is pleasantly scented. I would call it a must-have product for sensuous shower. Though the smell doesn't linger on the whole day. But is so refreshing that you won't mind kick starting your day or conclude a day with a sweet, lovely, floral fragrance on your body for quite some time.

Loofah: Interestingly, the brand offers a soft loofah along with the product that is yet another likable aspect for the Nutraclin. The cleanser applied with the help of wet loofah produces decent foam.

Ingredients: The cleanser is a rich blend of nourishing oils like Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil and locks in moisture in the skin due to Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Glycerine etc.

Consistency: The cleanser is moderately thick and doesn't run on your palm like water. I find it perfectly suitable to spread on skin. It washes on quite easily as well.

Neutral pH Level: This is again a thumbs up feature for Nutraclin that it claims to possess neutral pH level that simply means it won't cause irritation/itching to skin and won't make skin over dry.

Pocket Friendly: The product is economically priced at Rs 159 for a good quantity of 250 ml. that last longer enough.

Effectiveness: The formulation of Nutraclin is mild and gentle to the skin. So it does not damage the skin. It makes it easier to replenish and fortify the skin condition with its premium quality. The rich blend of moisturizers are gently & naturally absorbed by skin while shower and stay within skin to deliver deeper nourishment. I believe to see significant improvement in skin condition over time. The cleanser effectively and effortlessly removes dirt, sweat, body odor and other impurities. People with normal to oily skin can use it without any extra moisturization post shower. But I need a mild body lotion every time. I experienced no side effects on my skin since the day I am using it.

What did I not like much about Ethicare Remedies Nutraclin pH Cleanser?

Though surfactants have been added to the formulation to help it produce lather, but again the oils n moisturizers like glycerine are doing their job to make it skin safe & hydrate the skin in desired way.

Also offline availability may be an issue.

I have shared various factors that may affect anybody's decision while choosing between soap bar or liquid cleanser. Like I said I prefer liquid body washes, I can't resist myself using natural handmade luxurious soap bars as well. So it would be genuinely sensible for me to use a mixed strategy and rotate between the products to blend the negatives and positives of each ;)

I loved the refreshing Nutraclin cleanser than many other used earlier and developed a strong liking for it .. Do give it try on my recommendation :)


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