Thursday 11 June 2015

My Bag Hunt Ended At

Recently when I was getting ready for an outfit post, I realized I have no Satchel bag in my collection and then what!! Yup, you guessed it right...I had got yet another reason to shop ;)

Before I could start my bag hunt, I wanted to ensure what kind of style I want to create with it..because as an essential accessory, bags can make or break the total getup. I wanted a bag that is not dull and boring meant for an old-fashioned soul, but should be a good representation of my attitude.

Secondly, I was looking for appropriate size and durability for my bag whatever the style is...Chances are that I am willing to carry heavy or large items in my bag, so it matters what material my bag is made up of. Usually I prefer a bag with multiple built-in compartments inside and the Secret Pockets are always a plus :)

Lastly, for the budget-conscious person like me, the price of the bag is equally considerable. I am not easily lured by luxury brands and what’s more important to me is whatever I am buying should serve its purpose.

So with these criterion in my mind, I banged on with my bag hunt on my fav online portals. Many designer bags caught y attention, but I convinced myself saying that price does not equal durability most of the time. Even the designer bags may wear and tear just as easily as the generic ones. So lets go for a budget shopping today ;)

After much thought and consideration, I shortlisted some really nice bags displayed on I know that delivering a pleasant online shopping experience to the customers is Jabong's ultimate trait. Whenever I am crushing over one or the another product and do make a careful search on some of my fav online portals, most of the time a tempting deal welcomes me on Jabong :) And this time also it worked for me.

I ordered a bold blue satchel bag from Cheri with a twist turn lock closure, back zip pocket and a top handle that was available at 50% discount and saved me great money :P
Now here is how the bag looks like  ...

Now excited to style it in my upcoming OOTD post ..keep watching!!


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