Friday 26 June 2015

Liftage Intensive Age Defying System By Ethicare Remedies


Here is my opinion on an age defying product that I have been using since last month. I have used few other similar products and tried Liftage Intensive Age Defying System by Ethicare Remedies expecting better results. Do read if I found it suitable for my concerns..

Product Claims:
Takes dual action against ageing. Anti wrinkle treatment that combines two of the latest generation of mimetic peptides. Effective for Aging, Wrinkels, Pariobital Hyper Pigmentation, Fine Lines etc
Argireline,Seaweed extract, Liquorice extract,Vitamin A, Sodium Hyaluronate, Silicon Oil.
Price: Rs 259
Qty: 15 gm
The product comes is a soft squeeze tube which is packed in a cardboard carton. Both the carton and the tube have all the details printed on it. I appreciate printing complete details on outer carton as well so that a buyer can read carefully before final purchase.

My take on product:
I am writing this review after finishing the entire content in the tube. But let me tell you frankly, I researched about its ingredients prior the application to know what is special about Liftage's formulation. I got to know about a powerful marine ingredient 'Seaweed' which is an extraordinary wealth of mineral elements from the sea and provides protective outer surface to the skin. The peptides are known to boost collagen production in skin that helps to improve skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles. Liquorice extract imparts potent antibacterial & soothing properties and lessens the intensity of age spots. Vitamin A helps increase collagen production and cell turnover, for tighter, fresher looking skin. Argireline prevents the formation of wrinkles by inhibiting muscle movement.

The cream is white in color. The consistency is just the perfect one to easily spread on skin. There is mild fragrance in the cream which won't hurt anyone.
After a thorough research on the ingredients used, I had high hopes from the Liftage Intensive Age Defying System, but I had decided already to give it a time of almost 2 weeks to get noticeable results. I began using it once a day before going to the bed at night. Since my main concern to choose this product was to reduce the dark circles, I mostly used it as an under-eye treatment. But also spread it on the skin around my eyes many a times.  
The first thing that got cured after using Liftage was flaking and irritation which is my most troublesome skin concern. Prolonged usage of liftage brightened the skin, fighting back the usual dullness without triggering irreversible pigmentation. Few light patchy spots near eye area are completely gone. The dark circles are definitely lightened, though not vanished. But as we all know, nothing works overnight. I am keeping patience to buy yet another pack of Liftage and continue using it for finest outcome.
Excellent ingredients.
Effective on dark spots and dark circles.
Best product for this price.
Soothing fragrance.
No side effects
Reasonably priced for its ingredients.

availability may be an issue.

With the right ingredients you want for your skin minus the exaggeration of existing problems. Liftage Intensive Age Defying System is an considerable, innovative skin repairing product that helps to maintain a radiant, youthful look by preventing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


  1. Thats a nice review, I have used some very expensive products Lancome, Clinic, Lo'real, Channel but all have given average results and since I don't have a major need I am surviving! will try this for sure.

  2. Nice & crisp review Shilpa :)


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