Thursday 25 June 2015

Aster Luxury Jasmine Soap Review


Remember I shared my experience with one of the newly launched Bathing Bar from Aster Luxury in Strawberry here. I actually loved using the soap despite strawberry not my very fav fragrance. And then I picked another one from their range i.e. Jasmine variant. Do read to know whether it did what it claimed...

About Jasmine Bathing Bar:
Aster Luxury Jasmine soap bar is made with highest quality natural ingredients, essential oils and extracts. This soap bar gently cleanses the skin and maintains the softness of your glowing skin. Aromatic fragrance of this soap bar is excellent for settling your nerves and relieving stress. Aster luxury soaps do not contain any harsh chemicals and are 100% vegan. All our bathing soaps are good for all skin types. No Paraben. No Phthalates. No animal testing.

Firmly hold the aster handmade bathing bar and run all over the wet body. This soap gives good lather that will clean your whole body. Apply lather all over body before showering off.

Coconut Oil, Sorbitol, Castor Oil, Myristic Acid, Stearic Acid, Cocoamido Propyl Betaine, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Jasmine Fragrance Oil

Price: Rs. 150 each 
Weight: 125 gm
Buy from Amazon, Flipkart.
Packaging: The soap comes double-sealed in a transparent film so you may see the lovely soap color from outside even before you open it. The packaging has label with their brand logo on the front and ingredient list, price details etc at the back of the soap.

The Jasmine soap is a soft translucent bar. You may notice your fingers at the back when you hold it in your hand. (though I could not click that way to show it). The soap bar is twin shaded from light to dark. Unlike the Strawberry soap (that I used earlier), the Jasmine bar doesn't have the brand logo imprinted on it.  
Now I can't stop myself praising for its scent. I am deeply in love with its heavenly fragrance. Its an absolutely treat to me towards rejuvenation. It lathers richer and gently cleanses the skin leaving behind lightly scented soft skin. But it melts slightly more, so ensure drying it out after shower. But the size of soap bar is big enough to last long.

No Paraben and phthalates. 
Additive free.
No Animal Testing.
Gentle to skin.
Enthralling fragrance.
Reasonably priced.
Decent lather.
100% vegetarian
Simple packaging.

not easily available offline. 

Aster Luxury Jasmine Soap can be a suitable addition to your aromatherapy ritual like mine as Jasmine oil is said to be enriched with calming and anti-depressing properties. Its regular usage increases elasticity of skin. The blend of jasmine oil with other oils is capable of stimulating incredible skin benefits.


  1. Sounds great with all those essential oils in it :)

    1. It gives so refreshing feel after shower n keeps skin in perfect condition :)

  2. Your love for this soap is attracting me to buy it. 😂😂


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