Saturday 13 June 2015

Get Radiant Skin Natural Way

We all are born with healthy and glowing skin and each of us loves to flaunt it at its very best. At the same time, we should not forget that our skin is a living organ that constantly regenerates itself. It simply means that we need to take right care of our skin to maintain and improve its elasticity. But ironically, most of us don't have time to follow certain intensive skin care regimen.

We are lured by expensive cosmetics or other skin care products like creams/lotions/serums that make tall claims of their effectiveness for skin issues, but actually the chemicals in those products hurt the skin even more. And that is why I am a believer in natural home remedies return the lost charm and glow of your skin without spending any money at salons. I am sharing some tried-n-tested Ayurvedic home remedies that work wonders ..

Before you begin practicing any herbal remedies, do no forget to find your exact skin type to avoid exaggerating the problems later.

Exfoliation is also a must-to-do for removing dead skin cells and re-hydrating the thirsty skin. The most affordable face n body scrubs are right there in our kitchens itself. You may use either of some low-cost ingredients like baking soda mixed with water, salt or sugar blended nicely with any vegetable oil, rice flour mixed with milk or ground oatmeal mixed with water as natural scrubber. Salt, sugar, and oatmeal all have granules making them ideal for dead skin removal. But take care that there is no sharper grains to cause skin irritation.

Moisturizing the skin is pretty obvious and it goes for all skin types because the dryness of the skin hinders the beauty and makes you look older than actual age. To moisten the skin to its earnest requirement, simply massage your skin with fresh milk cream to attain moisturized, soft supple skin. A substitute of milk cream is butter milk that has a plenty of nutrients and is easy to absorb by skin. Another trick is to use Aloe Vera pulp or Papaya Pulp enriched with vitamins that are great for the locking in the moisture within the skin.

Now after you have got soft, supple and glowing skin, you would love to ditch those tanning marks, dark patches, scar marks that are still making your face look dull. Skin lightening is easily approachable using tomato pulp or tomato juice mixed with yogurt. Both of these have mild natural bleach agents and lightens the skin tones with prolonged usage. An easier alternate can be to rub potato slices or apply potato juice on tanned areas. My favourite remedy is to use a mixture of equal quantity of honey and lemon for instant glow because lemon and honey also have bleaching properties.

And now the oldest and most trusted skin care secret from my grandma's treasure.. In good old days, we used to keep a thick paste of turmeric powder, besan and raw unboiled milk in the washroom to use it in place of bathing bars and applied it like today's body scrubs. Occasionally either sandalwood powder or rose water was also added to this paste for an aromatic and pleasant outcome. I felt none less than Queen Cleopatra drenched in the aroma of roses that time ;) I swear of its effects till date, but cannot manage even few minutes for all this at times..

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